Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, affirmed that the heroes of the armed forces, the popular crowd and tribes are the dearest to our hearts for they’re giving the dearest thing they have to defend the land and honor, indicating that the determination, will and strength of these heroes reflect a deep vision and a great a sense of patriotism, because they have responded to the call of the supreme religious authority to fight the danger threatening the country.
    This came during his eminence’s visit to the hospital of Baghdad Medical City on Friday, March 13, 2015, to check on the wounded troop members from the military operations. His eminence explained that the national will and strength are being tested in these extraordinary circumstances, especially in view of the big health challenge to maintain the high spirit of the wounded and complete treatment to go back to the battlefields. Furthermore, his eminence expressed his high appreciation of the significant role played by the ministry of health in providing treatment and care to the wounded, highlighting that the ministry is doing just fine in light of the exceptional challenges and circumstances that the country is going through. He extended at the same time his gratitude to all Iraqis and to the media outlets, for the chivalry and national effort they’ve shown to support and maintain the morale of our combatants.
    In another context, his eminence expressed his indignation at some religious institutions targeting the popular crowd, pointing out that using a sectarian discourse and pointing accusations to this or that party will not serve anyone in this country, or in the Arab or Islamic world, but will rather stir up sectarian discord. Sayyid Al Hakim called to leave Iraq for the Iraqis, as they are worthy of uniting to defend the country and free it from ISIS, insisting that those who do not want to support Iraq should at least not harm Iraqis. His eminence finally assured that Iraqis, united and armed with a strong will, are working hard to defend their country and free their entire land, God willing.