Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council in Iraq, met on Sunday March 15, 2015, in his office in Baghdad, the President of the Republic, Dr. Fouad Masum.
His Eminence discussed with President Masum the latest security and political developments, as well as the victories achieved by the security forces, popular crowd, Peshmerga and Arab tribes in “To Beck, O Messenger of God” battle, stressing that victory over ISIS is very near and we must discuss the post-ISIS phase and reunite the Iraqi society on the national scale.
Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim also discussed with the President of the Republic the national reconciliation file, stressing that the society is in need of a true reconciliation with influencing parties able to control their battleground, stating that reconciliation necessitates that all parties take a brave position and adopt the principle of convergence in the middle; as well this reconciliation cannot be made with those who killed Iraqis.
Both parties discussed the international coalition issue and the Iraqi Foreign Relations. His Eminence shed the light on the importance of the Iraqi openness to all countries to ensure and preserve the Iraqi interests, noting that Iraq Post-2003 is at peace with everyone and seeks perfect relations with everyone.