Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, stressed the importance of the partnership between the powerful political parties and those who have direct influence on field, calling for making the constitution and the national reconciliation and the belief in them a standard for the national reconciliation, underlining the need of all components for an interior reconciliation, calling for a national, political and communal reconciliation. He also said that the reconciliation must be associated with guarantees, explaining that the tribes are the first affected from sectarianism, considering the tribe as the main solution of all issues, urging the leaders of tribes and seniors of the clans to assume their responsibilities in ending the tribal conflict phenomenon, stressing the importance of fighting for life under the banner of the country and the cover of the security forces and the popular crowd.  
This came in a speech delivered at Diwan of Baghdad at his office on Saturday, 21/3/2015.
    His Eminence said that there is military progress and an endeavor to liberate Tikrit city with minimum losses while keeping the infrastructures intact. According to him, vast lands are not under the control of ISIS anymore for they were recuperated by the country. He added that there is an obvious and effective presence of the Iraqi tribes in the Tikrit liberation operation and that the media did not cover the reality where there is cohesion between all Iraqi components. Moreover, he said that Tikrit belongs to its citizens and that the popular crowd members were driven by their fervor and zeal to defend the country, calling for giving credit to the popular crowd members and for attributing the victory to all Iraqi citizens especially the inhabitants of the liberated regions, reminding that the military solution alone is not enough, yet needs political, social, service and developmental solutions, describing the seniors of the tribes as the heroes of the community solution who reunite the Iraqi community.