Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, stressed the need to modify the educational curricula in the Islamic States, so as to strengthen the culture of refusal of terrorism and extremism, overcome the sectarian and region-based fanaticism, and spread the spirit of tolerance and unity among Muslim populations. His eminence also highlighted the importance of developing the educational methods to make them aligned with the huge scientific developments and leaps achieved around the world.
This came when Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim received Dr. Abdulaziz Altwaijri, the director general of the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO), accompanied by the minister of education Muhammad Iqbal Omar, at his eminence’s office in Baghdad, on Saturday, 28/3/2015.
For his part, Dr. Altwaijri assured that one of the organization’s most important goals is to direct the minds towards forgiveness and respect of others, and to instill the cultural and religious diversity. He pointed out that Islam calls for love and peace, and that terrorism and extremism are intruders and contradictory to religion, finally insisting on the need to face the foundations on which this destructive thought is based to address it in a scientific manner and immunize the youth against it through conscious education.