Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, called for a diplomatic strategy that protects from lingering and individual efforts, explaining that such strategy needs a clear political vision inspired from the country’s vision and situation. His eminence clarified that Iraq is in flames on the security level, as it is fighting a war against ISIS, and on the economic level since it is suffering from the decrease of oil prices. He added that Iraq is crawling towards democracy while it’s still young, stressing the need to reach an inclusive identity and put an end to the identity crisis or conflict. Furthermore, his eminence stated that Iraq adopts the principle of balance and will not be with one side against another, warning that entering one of the sides will burn the Iraqi experience and cause many intersections due to the political composition of Iraq.
This came when his eminence received the ambassadors of Iraq, as well as the heads of diplomatic missions and members of foreign relations committee, in the presence of the Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr. Ibrahim Al Jaafari, at his office in Baghdad, on Thursday, April 3, 2015.
His eminence indicated that the situation and composition of Iraq prevents it from being with any side, considering that balance is one of the most important missions of diplomacy. He also stated that Iraq has a distinguished position, which gives it a global weight and power, assuring that balance ensures the independence of Iraqi decisions. In fact, he explained, Iraq needs the help of everyone but this need does not entail dependence or influence of political decisions. His eminence highlighted the importance of political neighborhood and said that this importance does not mean that we should throw ourselves in others’ laps. He called to deal with Iraq according the principle of balance without any discrimination against Iraqis on the basis of nationalist affiliation or sect, insisting that balance should be based on reciprocity and that the Iraqi situation is complex and complicated, which is a weakness and a strength at the same time. 
His Eminence explained that the Iraqi experience is unjustly treated and there is focus on the cup half empty as the media in the region tend to do, and that the statement issued by the Arab League during the last summit shows the reality of the Iraqi situation where no word has been used to point to an Iraq under hegemony, adding that the popular crowd suffers from injustice when in fact, it is the result of the chivalry of the religious authority, works under the cover and the arms of the State and is not comparable to any militia as some people describe it. According to his Eminence, if the popular crowd was fanatic for its own sect, he would have defended its own regions and left the western regions for its inhabitants to defend, but its patriotism didn’t allow it to do so. He said the poor participation of the citizens of the violated regions does not come as a result of weakness, but as a result of the criminal policy of ISIS which believes that the victories will make them stronger and increase their numbers, reminding of the importance of the political reform as necessary accompaniment of  the political reconciliation and this is a historical time for compromises, stressing the importance that the reconciliation projects answer the following four questions: with whom? On what? Under what ceiling? And with what guarantees?  
Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim urges the heads of the Iraqi diplomatic missions to communicate with the makers of the public opinion in the countries where they represent Iraq and with the governments as well, saying it is important that the ambassador makes an evaluation of how its embassy is developing, determines the economic and cultural issues, creates a harmonious team within each embassy, takes care of the Iraqi diaspora and makes them feel they are respected and loved,  ensures the good conduct and performance of the ambassadors and their compliance with the laws and the culture of the countries and rationalizes the expenditure.
Dr. Ibrahim Jaafari praised the suggestions of Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim and his recommendations for the diplomatic missions, considering its speech as a perfectly Iraqi speech which is what we need today.