Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, announced the initiative of the “establishment of the public policy council for the Feyli Kurds”, saying the council’s mission is to coordinate the policies and the positions, to follow up the rights and to back the steps that defend the rights of the Feyli Kurds living in Iraq. He explained that the council has members from different Iraqi political parties, social segments and Feyli representatives from the relevant public institutions. He said that he is willing to host and watch over this council and support it with the available capacities and the support of the Feyli Kurds’ rights reflects the continuity in the course of Imam Sayyid Mohsin al-Hakim (may Allah sanctify his soul) who adopted the issue of the Feyli Kurds, depended on them and approached them and in return, they rallied under his banner and authority and sacrificed their souls to defend it and protect it from the abhorred dictatorial targeting.    
This came during the second annual conference held in commemoration of the heritage of the Feyli martyrs at the office of his Eminence in Baghdad on Friday, 3/4/2015 in the presence of the head of the supreme judicial council, Medhat al Mahmoud, a number of officials and large crowds of Feyli Kurds in Baghdad.  
We Call for Creating a National Center to Preserve the Martyrs’ Traces
In this context, Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim called for creating a specialized national center to preserve and document the martyrs’ traces, the tragedy of the exiled and the verbal memory of the displaced and to inquire about the whereabouts of the martyrs and their remains and pay tribute to their families, calling on the council of representatives and the government to urge the international community to enlarge the scope of the 1967 protocol annexed to the 1951 UN Refugee Convention so as to include all those who have been displaced coercively including the Feyli Kurds, stating that the “Gathering of a Nation” launched by initiative of his Eminence represents a political social cultural gathering for the promising Feyli youth to shake off the debris of the tragedy and the suffering to achieve the ambitions of the Feylis and their youth and to empower the Feyli people on all levels so that they can play its leading role in making Iraq’s glory. He also confirmed that all the capacities of the Martyr of the Niche movement will be at the service of this gathering, calling on all the generous national powers to cooperate to give this original component its rights.    
The Feyli Kurds… the Connection Point within the Iraqi Community Tissue
His Eminence said that genocide of the Feyli Kurds is a horrible affliction undergone by an original and ill-fated human and ethnic group of the Iraqi people who were pulled up from their Iraqi roots, forced them out beyond the borders, erased their identity and disposed them of their human, national and legal rights, stating that the Feyli Kurds who effectively contributed to the building of the modern Iraqi State have been subjected to injustice and aggression with no precedent in the human history and to an organized, systematic operation of identity obliteration and uprooting without any justification, just because they follow the course of Ahl al Bayt and the original Islamic religion of Muhammed. Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim added the main reason behind their targeting by the dictatorship is that they represent a basic connection point within the Iraqi community in terms of their ethnic and denominational affiliation, their geographic presence which extends from north to south, and their deep influence in the neighboring countries. Moreover, he said that the demographic, geographic and political reasons behind such horrible persecution of the Feyli Kurds are the same as those which today push the people, the State and the national political movement to act in solidarity to support this original component, establish their national rights, and return their robbed and plundered properties to them, promote their language and culture and achieve the representation that suits them within the Iraqi State.  
Tikrit Battle, An Evidence of the Iraqi Ability to Win
Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim reiterated his call for brave fighters to be well-mannered and to abide by the law and defend public and private properties in the liberated areas, stressing that any undisciplined step may harm the armed forces in all, miss the joy of victory and waste the sacrifices and pure blood pure spilled in defense of homeland. His Eminence stated that Tikrit battle is clear evidence that Iraq and Iraqis can prove mastership and success if they decide to fight their own battles by themselves and believe in their own abilities, calling to maintain the impetus to advance and to send the right messages to the international community, the regional neighborhood and the Iraqi people.
His Eminence renewed his refusal to unconditional support and to dictating pivotal or hostile policies by any party, stressing on the balance policy internally and externally far from axes’ policy. He called on all the Iraqi people and elites to stimulate the political maturity and to understand that what is intended for Iraq and the region is much more dangerous than some might imagine or expect, urging everyone to not indulge in a media war that no one knows those who manage and drive it, and to consider the nation cause as the central issue in our movement and priorities.
Yemen, All Parties shall Go to the Negotiating Table
On the other hand, Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim called wise people in the region and the world to make their efforts to convince all parties in Yemen to go to the negotiating table, stressing that the Yemeni citizen is the most important of all the events taken place; as well, his protection, providing him with necessary humanitarian aids and life necessities are one of the regional and international priorities. he pointed out that there are big mistakes committed and that issues must not be treated in this convulsive and violent way, stating that the declaration of war is easier than the decision of stopping it and that what is happening now is the most dangerous the region has witnessed since a long time, especially that some people obsessed by nationalism are trying to transfer some accidental political events into an open sectarian or ethnic battle, stressing that the political battle must remain at this stage, while highlighting that one of the main reasons for the spread of fires in this random figure is the region imbalance. He also noted that the large regional states have great political and geopolitical power that must be respected and maintained by virtue of the principle of balance; otherwise, the exceed of the red line does not serve anyone but creates undisciplined reactions and red lines crossing from the other side, which in turn leads to chaos.