Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, called for a political project that is reassuring to everyone and stressed the need to use the moment to reach a historical settlement of all problems. His eminence insisted on associating political steps with the achieved security victories, explaining that the attempt of any Iraqi party to seek help from without prevents the unity of Iraqis and makes them exposed to external influences. He also highlighted that Iraqis should not resort to any regional or international party, so as to maintain the Iraqi vision, unity and interest, adding that Iraq cannot be with one side against another but should rather bring viewpoints closer together. His eminence reiterated his call for an Iraqi diplomatic strategy, affirming that reconciliation or any relevant project ought to have the answers to four questions: With whom? On what? Under what ceiling? And with what guarantees?
This came during the Diwan Baghdad held on Saturday, 4/4/2015 at his Eminence’s office in Baghdad in the presence of a large number of journalists and media professionals.  
    His eminence stated that there is a lot of praising and surprise regarding the victories achieved by the security forces, the popular crowd and the tribes, which can be felt through the international diplomatic missions in Iraq. He called to be proud of the victories and sacrifices presented by the Iraqi people for the sake of their country and their project, pointing out that wrong is wrong and it cannot be justified, but the problem is how to deal with the news and how to balance the achievement and the ongoing wrong. Sayyid Al Hakim indicated that he noticed, through his continuous visits and meetings with the popular crowd leaders, high discipline in the battle of Tikrit, adding that the popular crowd cannot be accused without investigation first. Therefore, he called to make justice to the popular crowd and warned against a systematic targeting of the crowd.
    As for the issue of Yemen, Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim called to end the war in order to preserve all parties and to go back to the negotiation table. He stressed the need to maintain the balance there and reminded that fights do not solve problems, especially if it is a war for bombing aircrafts. He also explained that the reasons for war are not convincing, and that includes legitimacy, which can be a pretext to interfere in any country. His eminence urged media outlets to focus on the humanitarian situation of the Yemeni people and the lack of food and medication, calling media institutions to give their support by publishing educational advertisement and educating people about a certain cause.
    As for the agreement concluded between Iran and the five Western countries regarding its nuclear program, his eminence indicated that one should admire Iran’s perseverance in running the negotiations, considering that the Iranian diplomacy is a school in itself. Furthermore, he stated that the agreement affirms that there is a historical settlement in the region knowing that the most important part of the agreement is the anticipated security council decision that could make Iran the first country to go in and out of chapter 7 without war.
    In another context, his eminence explained that independent bodies refer to bodies that are independent from the government but could include independent or party members. But we call to nominate those who are most competent, he added, indicating that getting rid of the system of quotas requires the establishment of a bloc where everyone is represented. Sayyid Al Hakim finally stated that the national alliance is not witnessing any divisions but rather some natural differences in viewpoints, clarifying that the popular crowd will not be a time bomb like some people would like to circulate because it works according to a legitimate and legal cover.