Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, considered the defamation campaign against it as organized and systematic, stressing the need to protect and defend the popular crowd and to shed the light on the positive aspects revealed by the youth, saying the popular crowd troops have a national credibility for they set to protect and liberate the cities violated by ISIS and didn’t only defend their own regions, explaining the importance of the high coordination between the popular crow, the army, the police, the federal police, the tribes and the Peshmerga to kick ISIS out as well as the importance of taking advantage of the national unity ISIS brought out by threatening everybody.   
This came during the enlarged central shura meeting of the Martyr of the Niche movement presided over by his Eminence and held on Monday, 6/4/2015 at his office in Baghdad.
    His Eminence called for dealing with the challenges by turning them into opportunities, pointing out to Tikrit battle and calling for taking pride in it and in the achievements that have been made, while warning from arrogance and requesting to take another challenge and achieve a new victory, showing the importance of the role played by the inhabitants and tribes of the violated regions in liberating those regions. He also confirmed that the victory is for Iraq and involves everyone, reminding that security victory must be necessarily accompanied by a political step that leads to a historical settlement with a real reconciliation based on the four following questions: With whom? Over what? Under what ceiling? And with what guarantees?
    On the other hand, his Eminence praised the Iranian diplomacy, considering the agreement as an embodiment of the meeting in the half according to the win-win principle.