Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraqi, called on the Iraqi government not to repeat the same wrong authoritarian practices which backfire, explaining that the sharing is that of the decision and of the destiny  and that the proxy government is a wrongful course and will lead to nowhere. He said, “We have a project, that of the successful rising Iraq reconciled with itself and we will be gentle to no one and we won’t compromise on our project”, hoping the decision makers with the government won’t repeat the previous mistakes or get engaged in useless practices by steering away from the change and rebuilding slogan through individual decisions that are far from the spirit of participation, democracy and sharing of  responsibility. He also said today Iraq is paying dearly because of the policies of the absolute power and of the governance by proxy, adding that Iraqis are not willing to relive the same experience.
This came during the big celebration held on Saturday, 11/4/2015 on the occasion of the birthday of the Mistress of the Women of the Worlds, Fatima Zahra (AS) and the Iraqi Women’s National Day at his Eminence’s office in Baghdad in the presence of the Minister of Women, Bayan Toufic and a number of officials, people in charge from human rights organizations and a large crowd of women.
I Call for Activating Iraqiyat Initiative and for Finding the Legal Mechanisms to Legislate It
    Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim also called for activating the “Iraqiyat” initiative launched by his Eminence two years ago and for finding the legal mechanisms to legislate it, urging Al Muwattin movement at the Council of Representatives and in the provinces to adopt the initiative and to make it a priority, renewing the call for the MPs and the members of the provincial councils to adopt the initiative, to legislate it and to launch it in the social and political reality since it concerns mainly the Iraqi women, and not any other political, sectarian, ethnic or religious entity, showing that this is a global initiative that addresses the key causes of women  and puts an end to the double standards in dealing with it. It also activate the role of women as ministers so that they don’t only play a honorific role, but also act within an integrated ministry, and establishes the women’s higher council which would help develop the legislations and address the social and legal problems in a just, modern vision which is in harmony with the tolerant principles of Islam. His Eminence also made clear that the initiative considers the female education as a sacred duty to form an educated family, and thus an educated community. For him, it is important that the empowerment in the fields of thought, culture, economy and politics be real and effective for women, and not only a limited and restricted participation.
On the other hand, Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim said he bows down to the mothers of the heroes in the popular crowd troops, the army, the federal police, the Peshmerga and the original tribes, who answered the call of the authority and the country in standing against the flood of sectarian terrorism and the campaign of the sick perverted ideas. He stated that those who are trying to distort the image of the popular crowd troops are a small groups of perverted people who are extending the time of terrorism and of violation, whether deliberately or not.His Eminence stressed that the fair modern state embraced by the Martyr of the Niche as a future developmental political project, is a country where justice starts with treating woman fairly, ensuring her legitimate and constitutional rights and assuring a decent livelihood for her and her family. He pointed out that modern state, with its legislations, laws and promising future prospects is tested through its viewpoint in dealing with women's dire issues and difficult problems and the compliance of these laws and legislations with the basic principles of the Islamic religion which gave women a lot, declaring that the social and political vision and strategy of the Martyr of the Niche Movement in dealing with women is based on the fact that homelands are built by their own people who promote the quality of their societies, and that society competence reflect women’s competence, their awareness and deep recognition of their rights and duties.
Iraqi Women Are the Life Title of a Country Refusing to Die
    His Eminence noted that Iraqi woman has firm determination and belief, being the life title of a country that refuses to die despite all blind terrorist campaigns waged against it. He added that she is the half that cannot be reduced by a fantasy or an interim relation, declaring that the Iraqi woman is the doctor, engineer, good diligent citizenship and the participant in the battle of liberation, steadfastness and building the future. His Eminence stressed that history cannot forgets the oppression, injustice, murder and marginalization faced by the Iraqi woman, and that today she stands at the same track to complete her route and to be a beacon that defends life and right and stands against the poisonous voices which seek to restrict and insult her to be the victim of a blind terrorism and an aberrant thought that falsifies the facts, manipulates texts and lies to Allah and His Messenger, highlighting that Iraqi women plays today an important part in supporting community against the black terrorist acts and displacement, she is the main sacrificer while performing her duties at work or in the daily life tasks, and she is the widow who lost her husband because of terrorist crimes
It Is Important to Reach a Real Reconciliation that Is more Communal than Political
    In addition, Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim called on all Iraqis to stand with each other in a united Iraq because today, Iraq is at the heart of the storm and whoever abandons it will abandon it forever , stressing the importance of reaching a real reconciliation that is more communal than political. In his opinion, the Iraqis need to be conscious, mature and honest to overcome the serious turning point their country has been going through until they reach stability and prosperity. The events taking place today in Iraq prove that Iraq is united and the Shiite blood is shed in defense of the Sunni Tikrit. His Eminence said the history repeats itself because those who has caused all the fire in Tikrit are the same who caused the fire in Baghdad when the tyrant was toppled, adding that such conduct and course are the same and the way towards chaos is their only way to achieve their ambitions, reminding that the wise religious authority cut it out during the fall and has cut it out today.
The Policy of Axes Does not Contribute to the Long-Term Stability
    Regarding the regional situation, his eminence affirmed that experiences have proven that there are drastic solutions can only be reached through consensus, constructive dialogue, balance and common interests, explaining that the policy of axes, although temporarily successful, does not contribute to the long-term stability. He added that what is happening in Yemen is the final nail in the coffin of regional cooperation among the states of the region, insisting that the events should be contained in their political framework, away from sectarian and nationalist backgrounds. His eminence also stressed that the spaces between the states of the region and agreed on red lines ought to be respected, indicating that world experiences lead us to one truth, which is that wars do not make peace, or prosperity or development. In this context, his eminence pointed out that Europe, following two world wars, only reached stability through cooperation, meeting half-way, respect of common spaces and intertwined regions of influence, and the same applies to America, Russia, China and Japan. He called the parties in Yemen again to prefer dialogue and negotiation over any other desire, gain or opportunity.
The Western-Iranian Nuclear Agreement is Proof that Negotiations are the Perfect Way to Go
    Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim assured that the beginnings of the Iranian nuclear agreement with the West are yet another proof that negotiations are the perfect way to solve conflicts and overcome crises. He added that the policy of “smiling with firmness and perseverance” is a successful and fructuous policy, highlighting that patience is the optimal way to maintain and protect rights.
Our Noble Mohammedan Islam is Not the Islam of Terrorism, Backwardness, Ignorance and Burying Girls Alive
    His eminence stated that our Islamic approach is an approach of justice that gives real value to women, underlining that the best proof is the leader of the Women of the Worlds, Lady Fatima Zahra' (AS) and her status for the honorable prophet (pbuh). He explained that whoever wants to understand Islam and its vision of women has to understand the relationship between Fatima and her father as well as the relationship between Fatima and her husband, indicating that the father was a sent messenger and the husband was an entrusted guardian; both represented the divine project on earth and Fatima “the woman” was their common denominator. His eminence highlighted that this is our noble Mohammedan Islam, not the Islam of terrorism, backwardness, ignorance and burying girls alive, nor the Islam of invasion, captivation and war prizes. He finally said that Fatima (AS) grew up in the place of revelation, sucked up from her mother morals, generosity, chastity and purity and learned from her father, the best of Allah’s creation, knowledge, faith and ethics, and her journey was loaded with lessons and filled with steps that prepared her to bear the future.