Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, said the crisis in Iraq is a political one with sectarian appearance, renewing his call to exploit the achievements and victories and associating them with a political project that reassures everybody, calling for a real national reconciliation based on the four questions: with whom? On what? Under what ceiling? And with what guarantees? He added that the national interest must be given the priority and the problems must be resolved locally, warning against the attempts of those who don’t want the Iraqis to coexist, describing them as destructive.
This came in the Diwan of Baghdad held on April 18, 2015 at his Eminence’s office in the presence of a big number of young talents and leaders.
His Eminence also called for detecting the youth energies and for exploiting them according to the youth skills, emphasizing the importance of changing the culture of working only with the State, urging the youth to take the initiative and not to wait for an opportunity to be given by someone, explaining that the impact of the youth will make everyone look for them. According to him, since Iraq has a multi-party parliamentary regime, the youth must be given a role in this equation through the parties that have a project and a vision. He also said that such experience has made positive steps but it needs time, underlining the need to spread the culture of volunteerism and that of consumption and of countering the cultural attack by protecting the Iraqi culture and taking pride in it. He stated that Iraq suffers from a management, not unemployment crisis, stressing the importance of updating the tools and the courses and of catching up with the scientific evolution in the e-state and government.