Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, praised the outstanding coverage made by war correspondents and the brilliant professional media reports which managed to stop the psychological war launched by ISIS that caused fear and terror and possibly led to the deterioration of the moral state of combatants in Mosul and other provinces. His eminence explained that the Iraqi war media was able to defeat ISIS psychologically and morally, in addition to the military defeat.
This came during his eminence’s meeting with the war correspondents of Iraqi satellite channels at his office in Baghdad on Sunday, 19/4/2015.
    Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim stressed the need for a national media discourse that is reassuring to all Iraqis and for media that cross the region and the world to show the reality about the combatants, especially the popular crowd, and how they are defending Iraq and Iraqis regardless of their sectarian or nationalist affiliations. His eminence also called for achieving balance between the increase of morals and the highlight of the victories achieved by our joint military forces on one hand and the credibility and accuracy in broadcasting the developments of operations on the ground on the other hand. Therefore, he underlined that it is importance for different media outlets to coordinate their policies while maintaining their particularities. His eminence finally insisted that the responsibility of these satellite channels is not just to show the heroic acts and victories of the popular crowd and security forces, but also to defend their rights and show their discipline, positive response and cooperation with the residents of the liberated regions.