Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim affirmed his full support of the parliamentary integrity commissions’ efforts to fight corruption, prosecute corruptors and put an end to the damage inflicted upon the Iraqi people. He highlighted the importance of institutional work of the commission to stop all corruptors, prosecute them and make public the funds that were wasted as a result of corruption and corruptors.
This came when his eminence received at his office in Baghdad on Monday, 20/4/2015, the head of the parliamentary commission of integrity Talal Al Zawbaee and a number of members.
    For his part, Mr. Al Zawbaee described Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim as the leader of an important political bloc one of the leaders and cornerstones of Iraq. He also appreciated the support given by the head of the Supreme Council to the commission, explaining that Iraq needs collaboration and support to fight the corruption that has spread all over public institutions and entities. He insisted that the commission does not target specific figures or blocs but the persons who abused their position, and also works to prosecute them and make public the funds that were stolen to remove them from office and protect the Iraqi people and stop the damage done to it.