Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, confirmed that the nations are built through participation, not isolation and exclusion, and that the key to success is the belief in one destiny and future without allowing the strangers to confiscate the Iraqis’ decisions, explaining that Iraq has been in labor under historical and exceptional circumstances and if anyone makes mistake today, doing the right thing down the road will be useless. He said the Martyr of the Niche movement is reaching out to all its brothers all over the country, and the nation and the region are being recreated with Iraq in the middle of the region in fire, considering Iraq as the axis of the new Middle East. Here he stressed the need to be cautious and to get Iraq out of this dark strife, and not to tolerate, compromise or yield to the pressures and biddings or accept the solution at the country’s expense or the incomplete solutions, as long as there is intention to make them complete. Moreover, he reiterated how deep the Martyr of the Niche movement believes in the balance as key factor for stability, considering the interior and exterior equilibrium as the safest way to preserve the diversity in Iraq and the regional communication and for Iraq to be a bridge of communication not an area of conflict by proxy. He added that the fate of the Martyr of the Niche movement is to be elected by the wounded, bleeding and broken country, reminding that the evil terrorism is still taking over a great part of our country while the latter is out of funds and corruption, cronyism and randomness are deeply rooted in it, and the change project opposed by the movement is still making its way among the political labyrinths and tunnels. According to his Eminence, the Martyr of the Niche movement has assumed its responsibility and is aware of how serious the challenges and the confrontation are, but it has a project and makes victories for the sake of the doctrine and interests find no way in it. He reminded that the movement members are fighting, rebuild a stumbled political process and persevere before a government that committed itself to a governmental reform project for which it has received a vote of confidence from the Council of Representatives and the people’s support, not to mention applicable practices, legislations and frameworks which are against the constitution. On the other hand, he said the Martyr of the Niche members were attributed tasks in the provinces, and at the government and the parliament in a time when no budget has been put in place and funds were depleted and the Iraqi land has been violated by terrorism and amidst a hard economic crisis. In his opinion, there is no clear ground that justifies how hundreds of billions of dollars have been spent in the last years with tens of billions spent, during time of affluence, on an army and security apparatuses that turned to be penetrated and unable to confront in critical moments and state institutions suffering from corruption, slackening and confusion.
This came during the ceremony of the Iraqi Martyr (1 Rajab), the date of martyrdom of Sayyid Muhammed Baqir al-Hakim (may Allah sanctify his soul), the martyr of the niche, held in Baghdad and 14 provinces via a closed television circuit on Friday, 24/4/2015.
Shouldering the Responsibility is a Religious, Moral and Humanitarian Duty
    His eminence described the situation of Iraq as bitter and renewed his pledge to be sincere and speak out frankly to the people. He explained that the people has the right to blame but it has to know the truths, no matter how bitter and painful they are, as noble peoples do not accept to live in an environment of justification, deceit and hypocrisy. His eminence stressed the need to move forward without losing hope and build a strong and prosperous Iraq free of dark terrorism and its satanic project. He considered that shouldering the responsibility while knowing the circumstances is a religious, patriotic, humanitarian and moral duty. His eminence mentioned how the members of the Martyr of the Niche movement and their brothers in doctrine like the Sadrists, the members of Badr organization and all the powers of good who believe in this country and the need to protect the doctrine stood altogether to confront the malignant cancerous project and to fight difficult circumstances for the sake of the country and for building a state that guarantees the future of Iraqis. Sayyid Al Hakim also affirmed that it is a state far from dictatorship, racism and sectarianism which monopolized the interest of people and hindered the progress of the nation.
The Battle Against Terrorism is a Battle of Existence and Wills Not a Battle of Leaderships
    His eminence indicated that the members of the Martyr of the Niche movement and all the honorable Iraqis assume the responsibility of defending this country against the brutal terrorist attacks. He considered this as a battle of existence and wills not a battle of leadership, insisting that determination will not decrease for it originates from the school of Hussain (AS). Iraqis are the owners of the country and ISIS is the invader, he continued, and we are the authentic Mohammedan Islam while they are the pretenders, the sons of liver eaters, the army of free ones. We are the future while they are the dark history full of killing, injustice and tyranny. In the same context, his eminence described the popular crowd as the religious authority’s soldiers and the protectors of doctrine, and considered that the crowd is the authority’s pure new born project. Therefore, it should be protected from those who seek to tarnish its image and from opportunists just like it is protecting Iraq. His eminence explained that Iraq is being rebuilt and the South is rising from the ashes, describing this as a once in a lifetime historical opportunity.  He entrusted the Martyr of the Niche members with assuming the responsibility towards the martyrs and ensuring that success is the goal, as well as building the future and making a bright history. Sayyid Al Hakim stated: “This is a tough mission, but people like you ask for difficulties and for you, banners are held”, recommending the Martyr of the Niche members to hold themselves accountable before others and to admit their mistakes without justifying them. He also reminded that the circumstances are exceptional and difficult and that mistakes are possible, pointing out that building the state is not an easy task, finally prompting them to be strong and patient.
We Praise the Rise of the Voice of Wisdom and the Termination of the War on Yemen
    Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim praised the rise of the voice of reason and wisdom, the termination of war and the return to political and peaceful solutions in Yemen, explaining that there is no alternative to dialogue in any crisis. His eminence considered that the common destiny is fate even if the differences are in the details and the intersection is in the approach. He indicated that it is time to start the phase of putting the fires off, for the blaze has reached everyone and the fire line is expanding and increasing. Therefore, his eminence called everyone to realize that the region cannot comprehend big and open wars and now is the time to go back to the “zero problems” policy, while concentrating on the common things, respecting spaces and stopping at red lines. His eminence considered that this could be a useful and productive policy that the states of the region should follow is they want to keep their strength, dignity and pride, build their nations and protect their peoples, finally reminding about the inevitability of history, geography, religion and language.
Al-Hakim Is the Martyr of Islam, Doctrine and Nation, And the Protector of Iraq's New Political Project
    His Eminence declared that the Martyr's Day is to recall the unique personality of the Martyr of the Niche beside all the Iraqi martyrs; including al-Sadr, Al-Gharawi, Boroujerdi, Sayyid Hussein Bahr el-Ouloum and all the other Marjas and scholars alongside with the martyrs of the loyal people of this nation of all segments, sects, nationalities, religions and orientations who were martyred in dictatorship era in dark cells, mass graves, Anfal and Halabja, Sha’aban Intifada, the Black terrorism victims, in addition to the fighters in the arena of dignity and glory who belong to the army, the police, the popular crowd, the original tribes and Peshmerga. Sayyid al-Hakim renewed his pledge to the Martyr of the Niche to continue his path; that of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), his virtuous family and pious martyrs, and to ask for more of his paternal and leading approach and learn from him how to be patient leaders and win by our blood. His Eminence considered that Iraq's possession of a leader like the Martyr of the Niche is a great blessing as he was martyred while complaining the injustice of tyrants and kin, promising him to move forward in the way he had paved with his blood and all the righteous martyrs of Iraq; as well, our only way that we will never lay out is that of right and martyrdom. He described al-Hakim as the martyr of Islam, doctrine and nation, and the protector of Iraq's new political project. He is also, His Eminence added, the Moujahid scientist who realized that science is the way of the nation towards guidance and consciousness; and work is its way towards progress and prosperity; and the martyrdom is its way towards victory. As al-Hakim, he was a scientist, worker and martyr, recalling that the Martyr of the Niche is the son of major authorities, including the authority of Imam Sayyid Muhsin al-Hakim where he was brought up and learned how to support people, so that people will support him and how to serve Islam and be an armature of the faith; arriving to the authority of the martyr Imam al-Sadr, where he had learned how his movement should be with the nation and how to shape its political, social and humanitarian project; and finally the authority of Imam Khomeini, where he had learned how to maturate projects, lead a revolution and mobilize a nation to overthrow a dictator and build a just government, pointing out that he the son of Najaf’s scientists, hawzas, authorities and Ulemas, led by Imam Al-Khoei (Kdh) who had contributed to the building of his scientific character in the fiqh, ethics, methodology and consolidation. His Eminence added that he is the living martyr all along 30 years of jihad, science and work and he had insisted to continue his message and hands over his consignment. Al-Hakim noted that the Martyr of the Niche had taught us that policy is a service, responsibility and means to achieve the project and that the project of the nation is the one that establishes the state; therefore, the state project conquers for the project of the nation and raising the committed and conscious human being is the basis of communities’success and rights’ protection, urging the sons of the Martyr of the Niche Movement to include their movement in the community and to be the pioneers to challenge and assume responsibility. He added that the Martyr of the Niche was aware of all difficulties and challenges facing the project of Iraq as a state and doctrine and he knew very well the sensitivity of Iraqi diversity, the internal and regional points of convergence and divergence; he also knew the sensitiveness and contact between the diverse intellectual and methodological schools within the doctrine and the nation, noting that the Martyr of the Niche Movement had inherited a moderate and straight methodology designed to be the bridge of connection and a large area where all lines meet and do not intersect, stressing that he was carrying a comprehensive, insightful and leading vision.