In a huge mass gathering in Baghdad and other 14 governorates in Iraq, marking the memory of father of freemen Imam al-Hussein (peace be upon him) Friday 22/9/2017, Head of the National Iraqi Alliance, Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim expressed his rejection to one sided crucial decisions at the time of crises and challenges, indicated that dreams and rights of peoples do not die by prescription, hoped that that the voice of reason and logic from everyone is higher and stronger than the voice of disputes and emotions and reactions, called the people of Kurdistan to complete the journey together and agree on unity, and the he understand the dream that Kurdistan struggled for in decades and stated “but we need to agree and put the interests our people before of our interests, and we should not count the movement of peoples by our years of life and make decisions out of stress that may destroy many achievements”, addressed sons of Kurdistan by saying: “Iraq will protect you from the evils of the world and its arm embraces you and guard you, so hold on to your dream and hold on to your Iraq, and let us give the future generations an opportunity to choose without crises, pressures and challenges.\"


Iraq is the strong wall if it falls everyone will fall


His eminence addressed brothers of the creed or of ethnicity or of nationality or of the homeland and humanity, and stated:” do not compromise Iraq and do not underestimate Iraq, it is the strong wall and is the fortified fort, and if Iraq collapsed, God forbid, we will all fall without exception,” considered that Iraq is the destiny of the region and the world, the home of Karbala and Kufa, and Baghdad, Basra, Erbil and Mosul, and the history of mankind and the communication node of the region and the world. There will be no safety if Iraq collapses and safety is lost, God forbid. His eminence warned from demeaning terrorism, because terrorism will end son, his eminence described terrorism the cancer of the era, and have no recognition to borders, who thinks that terrorism will end by the end of Daesh with wrong, because terrorism is not known by a name but by ideology, and the world may face new names of terrorism if thought survives, wondered: “How can we eliminate Takfiri thought and terrorism while it is taught in schools? “, called the Muslims to choose between living in the shadow of dark deviant thought or living under “our enlightened civilization and our promising aspirations within the moderate vision of Islam”, indicated that Iraqi people made a favor to the region and the world when they defeated Daesh myth and fought on behalf of the world, and gained respect of the world thanks to God and his care, his eminence saluted martyrs and urged to provide care to their families, and appreciated all honorable and free people of the world who helped Iraq, particularly brothers, friends and allies.


The Sons of the Al-Hikma National Movement should represent the teachings of Islam


Regarding the Al-Hikma National Movement, is eminence indicated that the movement’s standards are not just slogans and banners, they are the identity, honor and values, which honor the Al-Hikma National Movement and work for it, measure integrity according to the degree of embodiment and practical commitment to it. His eminence indicated that the Al-Hikma National Movement does not exploit standards for accomplishing projects, yet place projects and their presence to serve standards and fulfill them, added:” We completely admit our gratitude to Allah, for we are Muslims, believers in Allah, His Messenger, His Noble Book, and our understanding of Islam, that is suitable for all ages, facing all challenges, addressing all problems and establishing justice, charity and happiness in this life and in the afterlife, but we do not claim that we represent Islam, because Islam is only genuinely and completely embodied by Prophet Muhammad and the impeccable Imams.” Additionally:” We the followers of Ahl al-Bayt, God\'s peace be upon them, whom Allah has removed abomination from them, and purely purified them. They had a role in servicing Islam and preserving its social fabric, and sincere openness to all its sects and trends. But we do not claim that we completely represent the school of Ahl al-Bayt fully.... We shoulder the responsibility of the real commitment to this seminary while we do not bear it our own responsibility. His eminence stated:” We are Hussein followers, but Hussein is not to be expropriated neither exclusive to anyone. Hussein is for Sunnis, Shiites, Arabs, Kurds, Turkomans, Shabaks, Muslims, Christians, Mandaeans and Yazidis, Hussein is for Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Turkey and all Arab and Islamic countries. Every human being has the opportunity to be a follower of Hussein, at one\'s level of involvement and be responsible for genuine and sincere practical commitment.”


Regarding commitment to the High Religious Authority, his eminence stated:


“We are followers of Religious Authority, we find in an argument in the Religious Authorities, which through it we know Islam in all its details, and one of the most important standards the practical commitment to the guidance of the reference, yet we do not claim that we represent the Religious Authority.” His eminence explained the Al-Hikma National Movement members position towards al-Hakim family by stating:” We are followers of Hakim, and we belong to the bloodline, cause and methodology of Imam al-Hakim, sanctify his soul, Shahid al-Mihrab, and the Dearest of Iraq, sanctify their souls, the scholars, the martyrs and the righteous ones of his family ... We feel the honor of belonging and the duty of commitment and loyalty to this affiliation, and we do not claim that we represent this seminarian, noble, fighter, enduring forgiving family and we do not summarize it in our movement.” His eminence concluded the speech on homeland by stating:” We are patriots and Iraqis and proud of this, but we do not claim the representation of Iraq as a whole, Iraq is greater than all of us and our honor is to be loyal to it and serve his good people.” Warned from misunderstanding the standards and ignorance which implicated the blind takfir to turn the values of Islam into a base for terrorism. Islam, the religion of peace, because of the shortcoming of terrorist vision, ignorance and darkness, became the religion of exclusion, abolition, terrorism, bombing and aggression. His eminence made sons of the Al-Hikma National Movement the responsible ones to represent Islam and its tolerant teachings on the ground and defend these teachings politically, socially and culturally, as they had defended it when responded to the fatwa of the Religious Authority to defend the homeland in the face of Daesh terrorism.


The importance of admitting to mistakes and bearing the responsibility 


His eminence called to be brave and acknowledge mistakes before our people, be accountable responsible before God, the people, the homeland and history for what is happening in Iraq, and added:” We have accomplished important matters and failed in other matters. Each one of us has to take responsibility according to his position and response. Some of us acted selfishly and narcissistically, was not able to shoulder the responsibility entrusted to him, and whoever denies this and tries to acquittal himself of mistakes, he is wrong, arrogant and took pride in sin.” Affirmed the importance of being open to the people courageously and honestly, because countries are not built on lies and deception, but with frankness and courage of their leaders, indicated that time has come for change. Free peoples do not forgive those who insist on wrongdoing. But you will discover the right path and correct its course of action, addressed political parties and movements:” I say with love and sincerity to all parties, movements and political movements, they must review their positions and policies.” ...


The Al-Hikma project is the state of citizenship 


His eminence described the upcoming mission of the Al-Hikma National Movement critical and strategic, the project to make the state of citizenship is crystallizing and” we have to be at the forefront with our brothers in the homeland. Have a high spirit and a broadened vision, work for the future and be bigger than an electoral outburst. Our project is to build a country and protect a homeland and provide a dignified life for this people.” Called to make projects that would change the future of this country:” when we fail to produce what we need, we recognize our inability and retreat behind others, there are countries that export food to us and do not have what we have of water and agricultural land!! so what went wrong? Is it us, our land or our obsolete laws!!, emphasizing on becoming a productive nation if we want to be at the level of developed nations, indicated that the Al-Hikma National Movement will be responsible of promoting education “because an educated nation means a civilized, free and productive nation “ , stressed the necessity of commotion against old laws and eliminate bureaucracy that founded corruption and consumed wealth, fight corruption in a scientific, methodical and thoughtful manner, away from politicization, fraud, selectivity and extortion, his eminence urged the sons of the movement by saying :”and you have to offer solutions to people, and your project should be clear, understandable and you should work with everyone. You have to serve your people, especially the vulnerable segments and needy people, the Al-Hikma Movement is a movement that serves... Stay away from sectarians, racists and prattlers, these are the grounds of the country\'s ruination, and hold on to your Iraq and raise the flag of Iraq high ... Do not turn back and stumble in the way to the future ... and be honest with God, and with yourselves, to be honest with your people and your country.


Our project is genuine, and we have the will, our spirit is high, we know our challenges very well, and there is no place among us for slothful and opportunistic people..” his eminence commend the role of the Government, which has played a positive role in achieving victory, despite complexities and the disparity of forces, and has contributed to mobilizing regional and international support to bravely combat terrorism and to improve Iraq\'s regional and international relations, conducting a number of reforms in a difficult financial, administrative and political condition, and the spread of corruption and unsettled problems, hoped that the government will be more effective in rotating positions and changing executive officials who do not make achievements or show unique work in their positions, and eliminate loathness, bureaucracy and proxy employment in state details, adopt a service and economic policy that meets the aspirations of the people, achieve demands and needs far from the concepts (the state monopolize everything) to launch the initiatives of people and society and build a national economy that reinvigorates all activities and sectors and saves the country from dependence on oil, debt and waste, and addresses unemployment, poverty, corruption and underdevelopment. The Regional Dialogue Table is the best solution despite how long it will


The regional dialogue table is the best long-term solution


His eminence reiterated his call to a dialogue table that brings together Iraq, Iran, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Egypt, and form an economic assembly between these five countries based on common interests, indicated that “Iraq is the heart of this region, and a successful Iraq is a surety for all of you, and our role as Iraqis is to be a communication bridge between the countries and peoples of the region, and the form of conflict and disagreement will not get you to any result, and eventually you will have to sit at the dialogue table”, pointed out to the region’s people dire need of development and has been plagued by wars and conflicts, “ differences are the main door of international intrusion and polarity policy.. Iraq is qualified to play a pivotal role in convergence of views and creating a conducive environment to dialogue ...