Sayyid Ammar Al-Hakeem, head of the National Iraqi Alliance, received in his office in Baghdad Thursday 22/4/2021, the head of the Federal Service Council, Mr. Mahmoud Al-Tamimi, and listened to his vision and program for managing the council, especially after the House of Representatives voted on the 2021 budget that entrusted the task of appointing jobs to the service council. His Eminence clarified the urgent need for this council, and said that the job file and job opportunities were tainted with a lot of confusion and negative accumulations, which confirms the need to eliminate the consequences of the previous political jostling for job opportunities, especially with what comes to the representation of minorities. His Eminence also pointed out the importance of looking at the efficiency and the ability of management and the importance of supporting the private sector and arranging work conditions in it in a way that ensures reducing pressure on government institutions, stressing the need to invest modern technology and electronic governance to cut off the road of corruption and weak souls. Re-arranging and merging some similar official titles, limiting structures, adaptation of stalled laws and preventing their overlapping to enable institutions to function.