Sayyid Ammar al-Hakeem, head of the National Iraqi Alliance, called for an urgent investigation into Ibn Al-Khateeb hospital incident, as well as for an educational campaign to introduce occupational safety measures.
His Eminence tweeted on Sunday 25/4/2021, "A major tragedy is the unfortunate fire accident in Ibn Al-Khateeb Hospital in Baghdad, which claimed the lives of a large number of resident patients." praising the efforts of the civil defense personnel and the people's supportive efforts in facing the fire and stopping it at its tracks, urging the relevant authorities to open an urgent and rapid investigation to find out the causes of the accident to ensure that it does not recur.
His Eminence finds it outrageous that this hospital and some health institutions lack of sensors and early warning systems to avert these painful accidents, and that the recurrence of this type of accidents requires taking quick actions to provide countermeasures and response methods, and it is no longer logical to accept the repetition of these disasters for the same errors.
His Eminence stressed the interest in occupational safety measures, calling for a wide educational campaign contributed by state and media institutions to introduce this important and vital issue for the preservation of lives and property, mercy for the victims of the accident and the swift recovery for the wounded.