Sayyid Ammar Al-Hakeem, head of the Iraqiun Alliance, considered that the Arab Gulf Cup Football Federation’s vote for Khaliji 25 (25th Arab Gulf Cup) to be hosted in Basra, a new triumph for Iraq. His Eminence tweeted on 27/4/2021, “The vote of the Arab Gulf Cup Football Federation on organizing Khaliji 25 in Basra is another triumph recorded for Iraq that reflects the potential and the ability of Mesopotamia in organizing and hosting major forums and at various levels within the framework of restoring its pioneering role in the region and the world. Stressing that this achievement must be crowned by taking measures by the local government in Basra and all of the related authorities to show that our Fragrant Basra is in its best possible state in terms of infrastructure, services, and many more. Congratulations to the Iraqi people, especially the sports fans, on this great step.