Sayyid Ammar Al-Hakeem, head of Al-Hikma National Movement, Visited and checked on the families of the martyrs, Mazen Shubber, Jasim Shubber, and the war cameraman Ahmad Al-Muhanna on Saturday 5/1/2021, and His Eminence said, “During two separate visits to the family of the immortal martyrs, the two brothers, Sayyid Jassim and Sayyid Mazin Shubber, and the family of the war cameraman Ahmed Al-Muhanna, we brought up the tales of valor of the men and young who sold their lives and souls cheaply for the sake of the homeland, so they sacrificed breath and souls for it.” His Eminence expressed his pride in such sacrificial families who were dedicated to the cause of the homeland, stressing the need to take care of the families of the martyrs and perpetuate their proud Epics tales of valor.