Sayyid Ammar Al-Hakeem, head of Al-Hikma National Movement, in his speech at the Supreme Council Conference of the International Assembly of the Islamic Awakening, which was held on the occasion of International AL-Quds (Jerusalem Day) Sunday 9/5/2021, said that the Zionist entity, despite all its attempts to display power in the region, remains a fragile, weak and a shaky entity from within. Explaining the reasons of its fragility and shakiness is due to its dependency on its undisciplined weapon and its arrogant military display in the face of the oppressed, vulnerable and semi-defenseless Palestinian people. Any sound human instinct realizes that only the weak and confused flex their muscles in the face of children, women, the elderly and defenseless.
His Eminence depicted that the Zionists commit a new heinous crime every day against the children of steadfast Palestine. The latest of which is the attacks that peaceful worshipers in the Al-Aqsa Mosque were subjected to while performing the prayer ritual and worships to God, indicating that the second reason for the Zionist entity’s shakiness is that it is an entity based on cover ups and international support more than Its self-standing, its people and its own constituents. without this continuous support and international wills, this entity would not have been and would not have a lasting existence, unlike the authenticity of the Palestinian Muslim people, supported by rights, history, geography and land, as well as the recognition and broad Islamic and Arab support for the existence and rights of this authentic people.
His Eminence illustrated that the Zionist entity is an entity that causes anxiety, division and separation in its behavior, policies and ways. Human experiences prove that this type of entity with its behavior stabs itself by itself and paves the way for its own collapse.
His Eminence stated that tens of years of crimes, injustices, internal violations, conspiracies, adventures and regional interventions have brought this entity only more enemies, hatred and malevolence. while the original natural states other than the artificial entities accumulate trust and bridge ties with other governments and peoples, but whenever a chance presents itself to the Zionist entity, it proves that it is not trustworthy and deserving of a real relationship. As it is a station for conspiracy and attempts based on deception and manipulation and sowing division between neighbors and the region, pointing out that the Zionist entity, after tens of years, still it suffers from the complexity, distress, fear, and an isolated group that is awaiting its fate and destiny. It hasn’t been able to reconcile with itself to get a foothold of its land, despite hundreds of settlements and despite its usurpation of lands, authorities and decisions, with its arrogance and imposition of force.
Describing the Zionist entity as the strange body of its kind among the world’s stable, concentrated and original countries, as it is a distorted and artificial entity that continues to live in the stage of wandering, confusion and loss on the level of its members and inconsistent gatherings.
In his speech, His Eminence said, “The Cause of Palestine must remain the central and fundamental cause of the nation, for several considerations:
First: It is a just and true cause, and it cannot be ignored or conceded. Living consciences and genuine nations do not waive their dignity and do not ignore their causes, and Palestine is not only an Islamic cause, but it is a humanitarian and global matter. The fragile side that weakens all human slogans and their sublime values in demanding freedom, human rights, and global peace. The Consciences that ignore Palestine and its misfortunes will also ignore all other values. The defense of Palestine is not only a defense of the country and its people, but it is also a defense of humanity, its values and principles.”

His Eminence stated in the third point that the Islamic Nation should keep the Palestinian cause as the focus of its interdependence, unity and solidarity, so any disagreement and conflict in such an existential matter would weaken Muslims and dominate the enemy over them, and it is an imminent danger that must be avoided with unity of speech and vision, unity of goals, destiny and bearing responsibility. And also to resolve side disputes, asking Al-Bari (Allah Almighty) to honor the Islamic nation, and Palestine will remain “our first cause and we will remain its loyal people.”