Sayyid Ammar Al-Hakeem, head of Al-Hikma (Wisdom) National Movement, stressed during the periodic meeting of the advisory committee of the movement on Saturday 22/5/2021.
The meeting took the files on its agenda and stressed the importance of preparations for the early elections, reiterating his demand to hold them on time and to establish the proper conditions, especially electoral security. To provide opportunities for honest competition between all candidates.
His Eminence asserted the importance of competition that is based on programs and to keep distance from the cries of despair that seek to discourage voters and prevent them from voting, then win the elections by having lots of votes versus a boycott. 
The meeting touched on the regional changes that the region is experiencing, as it clarified in this regard the role of Iraq in converging views between the countries of the region, affirming the validity of the Palestinian cause and stressing the steadfastness of its people and the equilibrium of awe presented by the Palestinians in the recent confrontation with the Zionist entity.