On World Refugee Day, His Eminence Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim called for everyone to unite in solidarity to end the case of displaced people in Iraq.
His Eminence tweeted on Sunday June 20, 2021, “Those who are forcibly refugees or displaced as a result of terrorism, violence, natural disasters, and other challenges is a crisis that is being addressed for effective solutions by the UN’s and international humanitarian organizations’ agendas.” 
His Eminence added, "On world refugee day and from this perspective, the Internally displaced due to terrorism is another issue that requires a serious stand by all; international, local, humanitarian activities, and volunteer-based. This issue is presented strongly as a solidarity issue, requiring all efforts to be allocated to rebuild the infrastructure and humanitarian services in liberated cities, and rebuild it and return its people to it safely, and close this case as fast as possible.”