Sayyid Ammar Al-Hakeem, head of the National State Powers Alliance, described arresting Hisham Al-Hashemi’s killers as a heroic act and a qualitative shift in intelligence performance. 
His Eminence tweeted on Friday, July 16, 2021, “Arresting of the killers of the martyr Hisham Al-Hashemi is a heroic act that represents a qualitative shift in the informational intelligence performance of our services.” The heroic security and the success of this effort is a reason to consolidate and strengthen it with similar steps to arrest those behind the assassinations of activists, demonstrators, journalists, and free opinion-holders throughout Iraq so that the blood of the oppressed does not go in vain.” 
His Eminence demanded that the outcomes of investigating many incidents and crimes be made public especially the fire catastrophe that spread in Imam Al-Hussein Hospital “PBUH” in Dhi Qar. The perpetrators must be brought to justice, praising any effort that seeks to achieve truth and redress for the blood of the oppressed, their families, and their orphans.