Sayyid Ammar Al-Hakim, head of the National State Powers Alliance, stressed the status of women in Iraqi society and their role in the pivotal phase Iraq has gone through, during the organizational leaders’ forum for the Women’s Organizations Office in Al-Hikma National Movement in Iraq today, Saturday, July 17, 2021.

His Eminence pointed out that reform projects always start as a strange concept and are subject to targeting and defamation. Soon it will be understood and its good intentions will be revealed and people will support it. Al-Hikma Project is no exception to it.
His Eminence called to get to know the project better, as we do not want blind obedience as much as we need a conscious and disciplined commitment. All while adhering to religious and national values and principles. We cannot build a success story at the expense of constants and principles. H.E reminded the importance of the work being devoted purely to Allah Almighty.

His Eminence also referred to Al-Hikma’s political status and its acceptance by all, while stressing the importance of the forthcoming general elections and its role in moving Iraq from a state of instability to a state of stability and prosperity, and enabling the language of moderation and the state.