In the Name of Allah, Most Merciful, Most Graceful
Praise be to Allah the Lord of the worlds and may the blessings and peace of Allah be upon our master Muhammad and upon all his family and chosen companions
Ladies and Gentlemen of this conference
I salute and thank who ever made this crucial and qualitative event possible with their distinct efforts.
In the name of Allah “He who ever killed a soul, except for a soul slain, or for sedition in the earth, it should be considered as though he had killed all mankind; and that whoever saved it should be regarded as though he had saved all mankind.”
Verse 32 of AL-MAEDA (THE TABLE) Chapter of the Holy Quran
The Iraqi political scene and its developments, the early elections, and the affairs of the Turkmen component, were the files presented during our meeting with the head of the Turkmen Front, Mr. Hasan Turan, where we stressed the holding of the elections on their scheduled date on October 10, and work to provide electoral security. We also stressed the importance of equitable distribution of wealth between the provinces in accordance to population ratios as well as supporting the measures to achieve it. We renewed our support for the Turkmen component as an authentic Iraqi component within the Iraqi bouquet of roses, stressing the necessity of its presence in the Iraqi state like every other component.

We gather today in this international conference to discuss one of the most important humanitarian, emotional and patriotic issues that we have experienced in the past years, which is the issue of our oppressed Iraqi Yazidi people, who were subjected to one of the most heinous crimes of the modern era and were at the forefront of the victims of deviant ideology and the obscure and brutal ISIS terrorist behavior.
Throughout history, our country has been subjected to many, great and difficult challenges, tribulations and inconveniences, but the challenge that we faced due to the ISIS invasion of our borders, lands and provinces. The massacres and crimes committed by these misguided and perverted elements against all our people, with their various ethnic, religious and sectarian components, led by the Yazidi brothers, represented an existential challenge that would’ve eradicated this genuine land and its patient people, had it not been for the divine providence and the wisdom of the supreme religious authority, the role of our armed forces, the cohesion of the people of the country, their sacrifices, the strength of their will and their pure blood that mixed to save every inch of this land and to liberate the victims who fell prey to these demonic forces.

The brave Iraqi people faced tens of thousands of misguided elements of different nationalities, in one of the most difficult, fiercest, most brutal, grim and wildest battles in our modern world, for Iraq to emerge victorious and confident and heads held high, proving to the whole world the strength of its people and their ability to withstand and defend their rights, just causes, lands and noble lofty values.
And when we say that it is the fiercest, most exceptional and strange battle, it is because in our battles with ISIS terrorism, we did not face a regular army that respects the minimal rules of engagement and conflict. Rather, we faced large groups of dark and exclusionary ideologists and the masters of brutal behavior with lust for blood, ruin and chaos. Gangs with the lowest humanity, honor and morals.
The most affected by ISIS terrorism and its barbaric invasions were and still are unarmed civilians. The majority of which are women, children and the elderly. This is a clear indication of sick souls, poisoned ideas and the ill behavior of these groups deprived of conscience, values and chivalry.
The assault on Yezidi women and minor girls, the Shiite women and girls of Tal Afar and their Christian sisters and others, through kidnapping, captivity, slaughtering, and selling them in the vile ISIS slave markets, blatantly indicates the seriousness of this dark ideology and this savage and undeveloped behavior and that it must be seriously and continuously combated and removed.

The cruelty of the practices of ISIS terrorism against girls, women, children and all civilians indicate the great helplessness of this organization, which resorted to the most heinous methods of evil in its unjust battles, and demonstrated the emptiness of its ill thoughts and barbaric precepts, and its moral decay. The tolerant Muhammadan Islam and those who belong to this genuine divine religion, which is based on peace, brotherhood and equal rights, is innocent of these inhuman and non-Islamic actions and behaviors. The Islamic world, with all its religious, social, cultural and political institutions, must join efforts to isolate and sever these deviant groups and end their subversive roles and their reprehensible evil agendas. 
Here we refer to the Islamic world and its responsibilities, for we believe in the purity of Islam, its people, its values, and its upbringing of its followers. We believe that this deliberate distortion and abuse of nearly two billion inhabitants of the earth has no aim other than to create a gap between the honorable religious components that have lived for hundreds of years in their countries in peace, safety and harmony. It was a clear agenda with the intention of distorting Islam and distorting its pure image.
In this regard, we assure our Yazidi people that we will stay with them as Iraqis and Muslims through thick and thin, and we will work with them to heal the wounds, treat the psychological damage and restore the material losses they have suffered, and we will not allow the tragedies and calamities they have gone through again. Our coexistence, diversity and brotherhood will remain steadfast, enduring and continuing, despite the terrorists, extremists and radicals’ agendas.
Iraq is all for us all. We, the residents of this blessed and ancient land, with our solidarity, unity and synergy will overcome the past and build a different future and a secure and prosperous life that will live up to the name of our country, its civilization and its glorious history.
I advise and emphasize, through your esteemed conference, the following points:
1- Great interest in restoring confidence and tranquility to our Yezidi people through purposeful national and governmental social initiatives that help the people of this noble component to return dignifiedly to their areas, their natural lives and their interests.
2- Work hard to compensate the victims and their families, rebuild the destroyed Yazidi areas, and activate the law of Yazidi survivors and others.
3- Work to commemorate the memory of the Yazidi martyrs.

4- Continuing to combat terrorist extremists and exclusionary ideology and behavior.
5- Serious work on consolidating and enshrining national unity through supporting policies for managing diversity and strengthening the inclusive national identity.
As we affirmed at the beginning of the conversation, we affirm in conclusion that the honorable Yazidis will remain an integral part of our great Iraqi society, and that all benevolent national forces will stand by their true cause and their legitimate rights.

The past bitter experience clearly demonstrated that our solidarity is the secret of our strength, and as soon as our will and our projects are united, we will be an indomitable nation, an unbreakable people, and a nation that does not lose.
Victory is always the ally of the living, conscious and united peoples.
May Allah save Iraq and its people, especially our benevolent genuine Yazidi people.
May Allah Peace, Mercy and Blessings be upon you