Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, stressed the need to fight the rumors and the psychological war used by ISIS to spread fear among people, highlighting the importance of arming the Iraqi army to enable it to protect all the categories of Iraqis. His eminence pointed out the importance of ensuring coordination between all the forces that are fighting ISIS on the ground, underlining Iraq’s need for the army, the police, the federal police, the popular crowd, the tribes and the peshmerga.
This came when his eminence received at his office in Baghdad the minister of defense Khaled al Obaidi on Saturday, 2/5/2015.
His eminence called to keep the security institution away from the political biddings and to distance the differences from the attacks on the security institutions. He reminded that the Iraqi army has presented, and still is presenting, sacrifices for Iraq and for eliminating ISIS. His eminence stated that the popular crowd is the for the army, the police and the federal police, reaffirming that it is important to arm the troops fighting ISIS through the government, in a reference to the Congress bill on arming some components of the Iraqi people outside the government’s context and recognizing them as independent states.