Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, maintained that the problem of the Islamic communities today is that they don't observe the facts in the Quran or draw benefits from it and that they don’t refer to it to resolve the big dilemmas and issues they face, asserting that the Noble Quran is the real guarantee of the future of individuals and peoples not only in the afterlife but also in the worldly life, and that it is not only a book for the hereafter, rather, it is a global plan for the living in this world. According to him, the treatments and guidelines in the Quran help achieve security and stability, build close and right relationships and fight corruption, as well as establish relations with the states of the world. Moreover, men need the Noble Quran to firm up the combat's bases and foundations firmer and their dignity and honor .
This came during the Night of Ramadan and on Laylat al Qadr held at on Friday, July 11, 2015 his Eminence's office in Baghdad.
    His Eminence explained that on Laylat al Qadr, all events of the coming year such as good and bad, obedience and disobedience, lifetime and means of living, are decreed, making clear that doing good deeds such as prayer, zakat and all kinds of good on Laylat al Qadr is better than doing them in a thousand months not including Laylat al Qadr, and that Allah doubles the rewards on that night. In his opinion, some people have requests and want solutions for their problems, while others have unworldly requests, seeking happiness in the afterlife, paradise and release from Hell. But there are also others who try to be in a state of encounter with Allah when they realize that Allah gives special attention on Laylat al Qadr. The head of the Supreme Council added that Ali (AS) was one of God's lovers for he (AS) said: “O God! My worship is not out of fear of hell or desire for Your paradise. Rather, it is because I found You worthy of being worshipped and thus I worshipped You", exmplaining that on the 19th night of Ramadan, the events are predetermined; on the 21st , they are decided and decreed; and on the 23rd , they are finally approved.
    Moreover, his Eminence noted that Banu Umayya didn't accept Islam as divine message and project, and only understood the message from a tribal perspective and that they viewed the messenger of Allah as someone who used the religion for political purposes. According to him, they belittled all sanctities and values, violated the dignities when they took power, as happened in the battle of al-Harrah when they allowed the army to immorally offende women in the Medina for three days. His Eminence also noted that the Umayyads were the first to make the Bayt al Mal one of the governor's properties, as well as the first to exercise torturing, banishment and expatriation against the people.