Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, affirmed that there is no alternative to the national alliance and its institutionalization and reiterated his call to turn the alliance into an efficient institution, calling for coupling the security solution with political solutions that prevent the comeback of terrorism under new names. His eminence warned against the expansion of terrorism from Al Qaeda to ISIS and other names if no adequate solutions to the Iraqi situation are found, highlighting the importance of having a security solution coupled with a complementary political solution.
This came when his eminence headed the central shura council of the Martyr of the Nichem movement at his office in Baghdad on Monday, 27/7/2015.
    His eminence mentioned the victories achieved by the security forces, the popular crowd, the Arab tribes and the Peshmerga over ISIS, clarifying that ISIS is now confused and has suffered many painful blows in terms of weapons, fighters and frontline leaders, praising Turkey’s position and its decision to participate in the fight against terrorism.
    His eminence urged the Martyr of the Niche cadres to go to the field, hear the people’s complaints and clarify the problems to them and the entities who are actually neglectful, calling to take care of the popular crowd’s families and of the injured and families of the martyrs and to relieve the pressure and the burden of routine formalities and procedures, because the martyrs have presented their souls for the sake of the country and have answered the call of the wise religious authority.