Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, described Husseini revolution as a great humanitarian project in the behavior of its members, leaders, goals, and objectives, considering the starting of Labayka Ya Rasoul Allah second battle where armed forces, popular crowd, Iraqi clans, Peshmerga in Anbar and Baiji fight, a real response to Imam Hussein, peace be upon him.
His Eminence in the first night of consolation council that took place in his office on Wednesday October 14, 2015, explained that the beginning of Muharram means the renewal of Imam Hussein (AS) death calamity and what happened to his Household. He also stressed that Karbala embodied the struggle depth between truth and falsehood. In addition, he mentioned that Husseini rituals, which were designed to preserve Karbala revolution, were turned into Ahl al-Bayt major institution. Karbala revolution is moving voluntarily.
His Eminence stated the objectives of Husseini rituals, indicating that they have humanitarian dimensions through the reform message brought by Imam Hussein, the correction of governance’s course, standing up against the oppressor, Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice message, as well as their spiritual and emotional goals through the interaction of nations with Imam Hussein issue.
Furthermore, Al-Hakim affirmed that Husseini revolution has moral dimensions through the message of patience, fortitude, altruism, and sacrifice for the right. He added that this revolution aims at understanding the religion through the council, and at listening to Quranic verses, Shariah rulings, and prayers. Moreover, he pointed out that these rituals include joint goals through voluntary and collective cooperation, indicating that they express the existence of adherents to Ahl al- Bayt, peace be upon them. Therefore, they have been targeted through history down to the overthrown regime, visitors killing, and shrines destruction.