during the agenda of his eminence’s constant communication with Iraqi tribes, Chairman Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq Sayyid Ammar Al-Hakim, during his tour of Wasit province, Thursday, 03/17/2016 visited a nymber od number of dewans and guests houses of Iraqi tribes, including Sheikh Sayyid Uday Majid general tribal sheikh of Al-Sada AL-Zawamil, Sheikh Muhannad Hilal Albalasim prince of Miah tribe, Sheikh Mehdi Jasim Al-Rahm Sheikh of Aldelfiah tribes and Bani Lam tribes in the Dujaili area.


His Eminence praised the significant role played by Iraqi tribes in fighting the former regime, as well as providing many religious scholars and religious seminary characters, valuing its stand in providing their loved ones in defense of the homeland and holy places and fight terrorist ISIS, reaffirming that Iraq was saved by the Religious Authority and Husseini rituals Iraqi tribes.