Chairman Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq addressed that reforms can not be deducted to only ministers or the cabinet, reforms must cover independent bodies, deputies of ministries and general managers, by which ending proxy management of diplomatic and military positions, reiterating that reformation is an inclusive vision of how to run the state and the accompanying legislations, indicating that there is an open opportunity for all options available when reaching a deadend, His eminence during the media conference after the 12th Conference of the General Authority of Supreme Council on April 2, 2016, stated that the Supreme Council had proposed a reformation initiative that was welcomed by the political powers and offered logical solutions based on a specific implementation plan over limited timeframes, indicating that the Supreme Council will firmly monitor implementing the initiative sections, plus following up the competence and integrity of the nominees. His eminence reminded that the political regimen is parliamentary and must be followed and not to be ignored for it reflect the people\'s will, confirming that the Supreme Council had encouraged the prime minister to present technocratic figures after conferring with other political blocs, warning that alienating blocs will jeopardise establishing of the state and political system after 2003. In respect of the recent prime minister action, Sayyid Ammar Al-Hakim described it by incomplete noting that the Supreme Council is open for everyone and there is broad scope of solutions in spite of the critical crisis.