Sayyid Ammar Al-Hakim , head of the Iraqi National Alliance, indicated that who have Insights are able to analyze issues and interpret events from information and data intersection, those are who we describe of having a strategic vision, those who are capable of diagnosing events and its outcomes and who believe in their opinions, no matter how much people disagree with them, indicating that who have deep visions, are often exposed to criticism and abfuscation and accused of being unrealistic, but quickly it becomes apparent to people the soundness of the vision they stated before facts were revealed to people.


This took place in the first evening of the month of Muharram, that is held annually at his eminence\'s office in Baghdad Sunday, 02.10.2016. His eminence indicated that visionary people are exposed to abfuscation, yet it quickly ends, and God makes everything right even after a while, as God promised to redress them, citing that Imam al-Hussein (peace be upon him) and his father Imam Ali (peace be upon him) before him were exposed to abfuscation, invalidation, misleading and misrepresentation of the facts, and were exposed to defamation in speeches, but eventually they recieved a victory from God, and now where are they and where are their enemies.