Head of the National Iraqi Alliance, Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, participated in the spring campaign planting flowers and trees in Baghdad Tuesday 21/3/2017, his eminence praised the voluntary effort that infused the campaign and that it is not limited to government institutions.


His eminence pointed out that the campaign for this year coincides with the spring of victories and the near liberation of the city of Umm Al-Rubayeen Mosul, considering that planting is one of the best responses to the Takfiri ideology which believes in uprooting all who disagree with them regardless of its identity, calling the institutions to prepare awareness campaigns for planting and it not necessary to have a large land for planting, but it is possible to invest any piece of land for that in houses and street isles, and it should be systematic in order to give the result a beautiful picture away from randomness.