Head of the National Iraqi Alliance, Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, on Friday 4/5/2018, affirmed his full commitment to the supreme religious authority guidelines regarding the elections, urged politicians and Iraqi people to abide by them.
His eminence highly valued the fatherly comprehensive and keen vision for the present and future of the country, also called politicians and Iraqi people to abide by the guidance of the Friday sermon that emphasized the importance of not taking advantage of authority and rejecting external intervention, and warned from reelecting failures, corrupts who are accused misuse of public fund, deceive voters rights and subjectivity of tribal dispute in elections, strive to reform state institutions through legal means plus not exploiting religious authority in elections
His eminence pointed the need to commit to the guidance that emphasized the importance of competing on economic, educational and service programs that are feasible and away from slogans and media marketing.
His eminence prayed Almighty to protect the great religious authority, especially the supreme religious authority, and keep righteousness and caring for the interests of the country and its people.