Head of the Reform and Reconstruction Alliance, Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, participated in the mass of Christmas at the Armenian Orthodox Church in Baghdad Sunday 6/1/2019
His eminence stressed on following the path of tolerance, peace, communal living and peaceful coexistence under the unified umbrella of Iraq.

His eminence pointed out commemorating the occasion that gather hearts to meet, coexist and integrate among each other and be united for the loce of messengers and prophets of Allah, reminded of the important values ​​in Iraqi society and coexistence between religions, sects, ethnicities, backgrounds, clans and tribes, and despite diversity of affiliations everyone meets under one united Iraq, indicated that the homeland that embrace all shows respect and care among all different religions in it.

His eminence added that "the Holy Quran is full of Quranic verses that spoke about the Prophets of Allah and the Prophet of God Jesus, peace be upon him, is mentioned 25 times, which is a big number that indicate the size of attention and Islamic message care to Prophet of God Jesus with great emphasis on mentioning Virgin Mary and Her chastity and great position, so we are very lucky to have these great figures whom we belong to in the history of heavenly messages."
He eminence urged to recall the approach of Prophets and their project and to follow their path of tolerance, peace, co-existence and communal living, and pointed out that the number of worshipers this year is noticeably higher than last year, which shows the peace and safety that citizens feel to come to these holy places and practice in rituals and worship of God Almighty.