Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim criticized the weak services provided for the Iraqi people compared with the huge State budgets. His Eminence added saying, “Shifting the competition among the politicians over their narrow personal and partisan interests to a competition over the interests of the citizen represents a great victory.”
During his meeting at his Baghdad office with a large crowd of sheikhs, dignitaries and elite groups from the good Banu Ka`b tribe on Thursday, October 4, 2012, the Head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq stressed the strong relationship between the Iraqi tribes and the marji`iyya (highest religious authority) of imam Mohsin al-Hakim (may his soul be blessed) up to the Martyr of the Niche and Iraq’s Aziz, stressing communication and openness with Iraqi citizens in all their components and spectrums in order to serve the homeland and the citizen.
His Eminence stressed the importance of cooperation and solidarity among all components of the Iraqi fabric for the sake of the success of the national plan, rebuilding and redeveloping the new Iraq, stressing that bringing to memory the challenges and problems does not mean a sense of weakness. Rather, the goal behind that is to be ready and prepared to invest the opportunities to build, advance and shine, expressing pride in and respect for the sons of the Banu Ka`b tribe due to the men of letters, scientists, orators, poets and elite groups it has.
From their side, sheikhs and dignitaries of the tribe of Banu Ka`b conveyed the greetings of their sons and brethren in the tribe to Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim. They also presented to him their concerns and the problems the Iraqi nation is facing in the service, living and other aspects.