Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, Head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq (ISCI), stressed the importance of uniting the stances towards the coming challenges that face the country. This came up during his reception for a delegation fro the political board of the Sadrist Movement headed by the head of the Ahrar (freemen) bloc, Bahaa al-A`raji, on Monday, November 5, 2012.
On his part, Mr. Bahaa al-A`raji explained that he discussed with the Head of the Islamic supreme Council of Iraq a number of topics one of the most important of which was that of the approaching governorate council elections. He added saying during a press conference after the meeting that both sides discussed the subject of the political and security crises and how to get out of them as well as the topic of the shortage of services. Al-A`raji also explained that the Ahrar bloc and the Muwatin (citizen) bloc agree about the necessity for the convictions of both sides to be translated into decisions, recommendations and political understandings, regarding the commitment to the constitution as the most exemplary solutions for the standing problems in order to build the state of institutions.
Al-A`raji also expressed the consent of his bloc on the political majority government provided it expresses a true reality in which the components of the Iraqi people are represented.
On his part, member of parliament Jabr al-Zubaidi explained during the press conference that the domestic situation in the country was discussed as well as the obstacles in the way of holding the national conference, expressing his concern about the present crisis which he regarded as a real danger threatening everyone. Al-Zubaidi also explained that a discussion went on about the decision of the Federal court, Article 13, Paragraph 5 of it, pointing out that a discussion went on of the bases for passing the law in the council of representatives (parliament) in order to prevent the postponing of the governorate council elections from their set deadline.