Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, Head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq (ISCI), called for gathering efforts and uniting ranks, for the political forces to deal with the standing challenges in the spirit of the furthermost scope. His Eminence also stressed, during his reception in Baghdad on Saturday, November 17, 2012, a delegation of the Da`wa Party-Iraq Organization headed by Abdul-Karim al-Anzi, general secretary of the party, on turning the challenges facing the country and region into opportunities to unite the stances, creating grounds of openness and into setting out in broader areas.
During the meeting, His Eminence expressed the readiness of the Supreme Council to open on all political forces and put its resources and bridge relations with the movements, blocs and political forces to serve any objective effort that aims at uniting the rank.
On his part, Sheikh Hamid Mu`allah al-Sa`idi, official spokesman for the Supreme Council, in a press conference after the meeting, expressed his hope that the efforts of the Iraqi political forces will consolidate in order to face the challenges that face the political process in Iraq, drawing attention to everyone sensing the seriousness of the standing situation which requires a united encounter of all of these challenges.
 On the other hand, Sheikh al-Sa`idi pointed out to the electoral scene having an area in the discussions which went on between both sides, since the electoral scene strengthens the political process and frames the plan that has risen in the homeland, stressing that the viewpoints were identical. He, at the same time, pointed out to everyone’s appreciation and love for the leading efforts of the Supreme Council in unification and in bringing together the political field.
On his part, Abdul-Karim al-Anzi, general secretary of the Da`wa Party-Iraq Organization,  stressed his being glad to meet His Eminence Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, Head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq. He drew attention to deliberations on the general affairs, the political situation in the region and also the nature of the forthcoming conditions in Iraq. Al-Anzi also explained the support of both sides for going ahead together, with firmness, strength and cohesion among all Iraqi political forces to cross the current phase and create a coming one, stressing the necessity of remaining united and cemented. Al-Anzi also expressed his hope to go ahead in the coming phase in one boat in order to build a united and cemented national alliance, stressing the necessity of participation in the elections in a united way which can strengthen the National Alliance and enhance its political capabilities.