The Head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, Sayyed Ammar Al Hakim, received at his office in Baghdad on Thursday, June 20th, 2013, the members of the Diyala National Alliance except the Liberal bloc. The delegation informed His Eminence of the circumstances pertaining to the formation of the Diyala local government and the clear exclusion and marginalization of two main components of the province.
During the press conference held after the meeting, the delegation called the Liberal bloc to commit to the pacts and agreements upheld by both parties, indicating that the formed government will be weak and inefficient because it has ruled out two essential groups in the governorate, which are the Kurds and a large section of the Followers of Ahl Al Bayt (AS). The delegation demanded a reformation of the government, for it will be “crippled” they said, considering that the Kurds and a large section of the Followers of Ahl Al Bayt (AS) have been marginalized.
The Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq had highlighted in an earlier statement that the formation of a government in Diyala with the withdrawal of some of its allies and other lists and the exclusion of an entire component is a serious strategic mistake that weakens national unity. It is a happening that we should reconsider for it violates pacts and commitments.
The statement of the Supreme Council called “our partners in other lists to reconsider what happened, set right the situation, correct the mistake and form a local government based on the participation of all forces representing the various components, so that everyone can turn Diyala into a province of harmony, peace and collective cooperation, as opposed to being a province of adversity, seclusion and lack of participation of main parties”. The Supreme Council also pointed out that “we had refused such situations at the national level or in other regions when they happened with others. In this behalf, we also refuse it when it comes to us and to our public”.