The Head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim, stressed the need to pass the election law and to hold elections on schedule, highlighting the importance of supporting security apparatuses in their efforts for confronting terrorism, and underlining the importance of the meetings held among political forces to create positive environments that help in solving problems. His Eminence pointed out, while welcoming Iraqi Parliament Speaker, Mr. Osama Al Nujaifi, in his office in Baghdad on Friday, 6/9/2013, that it is essential to focus on providing services to citizens through the local and federal governments. His Eminence said that he discussed during his meeting with Al Nujaifi the latest political developments in Iraq as well as developments in Syria and highlighted the need to adopt peaceful solutions to solve the Syrian crisis, warning from a military intervention that would complicate the crisis.
From his part, Al Nujaifi described the meeting as fruitful and useful, indicating that he discussed with His Eminence the national and regional situation and adding that he agreed with His Eminence on the need to strengthen the Iraqi internal relations to face the challenges. Al Nujaifi explained that increasing the meetings held among the political forces could create an environment of appeasement, stating that the parliament intends to ratify the election law in good time so as to enable the High Electoral Commission to prepare for the coming elections.