The Head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim, called upon the political forces to announce the adoption of the “problem freezing” policy in order to weather the coming storm, in a way that guarantees the country’s and citizens’ interests. His Eminence stressed the need to build national “buffers” to face this storm and reduce its repercussions on the Iraqi situation, indicating that this stage requires straightforwardness towards the people regarding the imminent danger. His Eminence urged media outlets to raise the issue of these dangers and to discuss them with officials, so as to ensure that everyone is aware of the reality, underlining that this call for a “problem freezing” policy is based on the conviction that there isn’t enough time to adopt the “zero problems” policy and explaining that these crises are the result of the political equation that formed the government and that there is a need for new alliances to overcome many of these crises. In his speech during the cultural forum held in Baghdad, on Wednesday, 11/9/2013, His Eminence highlighted that Iraqi leaders have a responsibility and everyone should assume it, calling on them to announce the start of the “problem freezing” stage and to meet without raising the controversial issues. His Eminence expressed his joy regarding the unified opinion Iraqi leaders have reached during their meeting in relation to the Syrian issue and he considered that such meetings reassure the Iraqi people, demonstrating the need to adopt a unified opinion concerning internal problems as well.  
The Iraqis Will Defend Their Project and Their State. They Are Now Witnessing Their Strongest Historical Period
His Eminence considered that the use by some of perturbing scenarios to the Iraqi arena because of the Syrian crisis is inappropriate and incomprehensive as some scenarios have emerged just for intimidation. He underlined that Iraq is not a weak state and its people is not at all far from power and civilizational depth, calling to identify the strengths of the Iraqi people, which might surprise many. He added that the Iraqi people is not anticipating a demonstration of force as it will show it when need be, warning from underestimating the Iraqi experience and stressing that the Iraqi people is now witnessing its strongest historical period. His Eminence indicated that the fierce attack launched against Iraq is nothing but proof of its strength and called not to link the reluctance in building the state to the defense of this state. He pointed that when Iraqi defend their country, they defend their future and existence, not a site here and a site there. His Eminence also explained that the strength of Iraqis resides in how they defend their project, stressing that the Iraqis have tasted freedom and cannot go back to ignorance, injustice and tyranny. Moreover, he indicated that Iraq possesses immense resources and citizens will feel the effect of this wealth once it is efficiently managed, underlining that Iraq is able to build an experience that could be the source of pride of all Iraqis. The country cannot go back to the policy of “silenced voices”, mass graves, executions and stolen freedoms, he added, assuring that the Iraqi people will face its enemies and whoever supports them, plans for them and funds them. He clarified that the strength of Iraq is in the strength of its people, its 34 million Iraqis, who will defend their country and the peaceful transition of power. His Eminence finally highlighted that the national Iraqi youth are the country’s most significant strength as they set an example of courage and sacrifice, mentioning that the Iraqi people, at this time of challenges, holds up high the banner of concord, peace, amicability and good neighborliness. His Eminence explained that peace and love does not mean surrounding at any time or under any circumstances.
The Virtual Conspiracies Are a Trap for Iraq
His Eminence maintained that Iraq is exposed to conspiracies because of its strength, warning against letting itself dragged into the conspiracy theory and the fake and banal complots. He also stressed the necessity of not falling into the conspiracy theory and the illusions of conspirators, calling for analyzing and studying information, and evaluating conspiracies given their harmony with logic and reality. In his opinion, fake conspiracies are a trap, and information must be carefully selected in order for the fake conspiracies not to turn into a psychological war.    
Sectarian Declarations Are Shouted by Nuts
The head of the Islamic Supreme Council described the sectarian declarations as sectarian shout, depicting those who deliver sectarian declaration as nuts and sick and suffering from psychological problems, explaining that declarations about the extermination of a full community of the Iraqi people is another affliction on the Iraqi people. He also considered those who deliver sectarian declarations as shame on themselves, their clans and those belonging to them, because they are severally endangering the society.
Sayyid Mohammad Mohammad Sadeq Founded a Cultural, Religious Movement in Hard Conditions
Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim shed the light on the commemoration of the reference Sayyid Mohammad Mohammad Sadeq Sadr (may Allah sanctify his sole) and his sons, considering his attack by the ancient regime is illustrative of his influence and his doctrinal, educational and human project in the service of the Iraqi people. He said Sayyid Mohammad Mohammad Sadeq Sadr founded a cultural, religious movement in hard conditions, adding that Sadr family members were targeted because of their closeness to people and because they were feared by tyrants. Moreover, he said that the scholars influence the public opinion, giving his condolences to the children of Sayyid Mohammad Mohammad Sadeq Sadr and his followers in the anniversary of his martyrdom.