The Head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim, praised the positions and efforts of the European Union in supporting the democratic process in Iraq. This came when His Eminence was receiving in his Baghdad office on Monday, 23/9/2013, Mrs. Jana Hybášková, the Head of the EU delegation in Iraq, and a number of EU ambassadors.
His Eminence expressed his appreciation of the EU’s steady position regarding the commitment to the elections’ timing and support to the country, stressing the need to strengthen the relations between Iraq and EU countries considering that the Union is Iraq’s pathway to the world and that it is contributing in the reconstruction of Iraqi provinces.
From her part, the Head of the EU delegation expressed her appreciation of His Eminence’s efforts in bringing political parties together and encouraging dialogue to settle the current problems facing the country. She also underlined the EU’s support of the democratic process in Iraq, highlighting the need to ratify the election law in support of the democratic transition. Concerning the regional issues, both sides reiterated the international efforts, the peaceful solution for the Syrian crisis and the Geneva II Conference. Mrs. Hybášková was accompanied by the ambassadors of Britain, France, Italy, Sweden, Germany, Romania, Spain and the Czech Republic.