The Head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim, announced the launching of six new projects for the development, reconstruction and education sector development in the province.
This came during His Eminence’s tour in Basra province on Friday, 27/9/2013.
His Eminence stated that the first project titled “Through knowledge, we vanquish unemployment”, aims at establishing a large industrial complex that would accommodate 1500 trainees to be trained on the skills required for fuel industries and other professions needed in Basra, emphasizing that this project would prepare the youth of Basra to assume responsibilities with high-level work quality.
As for the second project, it is the Basra National Bank. His Eminence explained that this project could be the cornerstone for funding real, industrial and commercial projects and it will contribute to a promising economic environment for private businessmen, enabling them to create quick projects and adequately improve the situation.
The third project is the study and design of a dam for Basra. His Eminence stressed that this project could be one of the pillars of development that could change the landmarks of economy in Basra, even in the region, adding that this project has political aspects since it strengthens Iraq’s relations with its neighboring countries and solves a lot of problems.
The fourth project is called “From education, we move forward to build a distinguished generation in Basra”. His Eminence underlined the need for a revolution in the education sector in Iraq. The project aims to build five hundred schools and two hundred fifty kindergartens in a modern way, and to build an advanced institute for training teachers on the modern teaching methods. Sayyid Al Hakim explained that this will make Basra advance towards real development.
The fifth project is the “Basra, housing 2020”. His Eminence indicated that this project which seeks to build one thousand residential units by 2020 will help lodge five hundred thousand citizens and address the housing shortage in Basra.
Finally, the sixth project, His Eminence stated, is one related to the local civil card for Basra. This project will provide each Basra citizen with a particular civil number, which will ensure a population census and an accurate diagnosis of the province’s needs. The project, His Eminence added, will also organize the work, study and treatment, indicating that there is a national project to make a civil card for all Iraqis for ten years, but it still hasn’t come to life, and there are many administrative complications.