The Head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim, called upon Iraqi women to have an effective participation in the elections and to vote for people who present a real program for women and commits to implementing it. His Eminence stressed that elections are not a mere political act but a determination of the people’s destiny for the four coming years, highlighting the need for women to show the entire world who are Iraqi women. His Eminence prompted women to support political and social movements that adopt real and practical projects for women and that have an open vision in handling their issues, hoping that women will have a loud and surprising vote. Sayyid Al Hakim explained that the Citizen Bloc is honored to have women as a purpose for their project, indicating that political programs are developed to achieve social objectives and when we contribute to building successful women, we will be contributing to building a successful society. His Eminence underlined that Iraqi women play significant roles, and expressed his regret for the inferior vision towards the right of women within political movements. Dealing with the situation of women has in fact been limited to the concept of parliamentary quota and the investment of their existence as a guaranteed parliamentary number. His Eminence considered this vision a proof of the deficient political vision towards the role and importance of women. This came in His Eminence’s speech delivered during the Islamic day conference to combat violence against women, on Saturday, 7/12/2013.
Women Are the Decision-Makers; They Carry Life, Enthusiasm, Hope and Ambition
His Eminence pointed out that the Citizen Bloc will announce in its electoral program its demand to reduce the retirement age of women in comparison with that of men, and will reveal a project for determining a specific percentage for female students among school delegations. The Bloc will also announce, His Eminence indicated, the feminization of education in fields particular to women needs and a promising project aiming to provide additional funds to women working in determined fields that are socially important, as well as the establishment of a bank for women and a higher council for the affairs of women. His Eminence stressed that the road is long ahead but with the energy of women, steps will be accelerated and significant, stressing the importance of setting clear goals and assuring that all big changes in life start with a small step ahead in the way of thinking. Sayyid Al Hakim explained that women are decision-makers and they carry life, enthusiasm, hope and ambition. It is through women, he pursued, that society is complete and that the nation rises. He called on women to have will, for will does not restrict and vision does not siege. The survival of Iraq is through the survival of mothers who have combined tears, smiles and patience while facing blind terrorism. His Eminence finally addressed young women considering them the flame of future as they will have the greatest role in the future and decisive votes.
Vision of the Martyr of the Niche Movement to Women Is Based on the Islamic Conception Regarding the Status of Women
The head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq said that Islam, in its right and sound analysis of the social building, considered women as a social basic pillar and a constituting element of the society, and did not take them as secondary or additional element, yet it conferred upon women a real and sensitive role in building the society given their relevance as message and doctrine conveyors, not to mention their human role. In addition, women are qualified to perform their functions starting from the society and its institutions, through the state, to their roles in the political and executive life. His Eminence states that the vision of the Martyr of the Niche Movement to Women is based on the Islamic conception regarding the status of women and it is the open Islamic vision which gives women their natural position, stressing their humanity, sensitivity, energy and clemency. He also added that women are similar to men in their human composition, thus being their partners in humanity and its related obligations and rights, but differ from them in femininity and its related obligations. Furthermore, he made clear that women need to be self-confident and believe in what they do, the role they are playing and the goals they set for themselves, because women's depression results from the ambiguity of the goals and their lack of self-confidence because of a long history of marginalization. To him, the course of Islam and Ahlul-al-Bayt (AS) makes a point of giving the right and distinctive place to women through the female symbols which had an impact in all big events in the history of humanity. His Eminence said the Marty of the Niche movement clearly depends in its course on women and such dependence is integral on the theoretical and practical levels, where we seek to give women a fair place in the society that is consistent with its religious and human obligations where roles of men and women are integrated and there is a full complete human partnership, while the difference remains limited to the details of the perfect divine creation and the tasks attributed to each gender, which rely on distinction, not discrimination, and the multiplicity of roles and tasks and the preference of a specific gender.