Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, warned against the attempts of some to pass the budget without referring it to the Iraqi Council of Representatives, calling for addressing the problems without using the constitution and the institutions fraudulently. His Eminence also called for recalling the interpretations of the federal governments which resolved one problem, but drowned us in many, reiterating that that building democracy is essential. Moreover, he praised the marjas for calling on the citizens to go and bring their voting card and choose the right, competent candidate, and holding them liable for their choice, and supporting all parties equally. He said the marjas state the citizens must distinguish between the good and the bad, for some are working in favor of Iraq and for the service of the people and others for its party and group, stressing the importance of sticking to the course of the marjas and implementing and examining their visions. On the other hand, he warned not to target the partners or distrusting them, which breaks the relations between the parties. He called for entering into an honest competition and for always remembering that elections are not the end of the road and that the winners need each other to form the next government, for Iraqis need each other, expressing his regret for the media news that some have made up . He explained that the people is aware of these dirty means and will punish their actor when it elects someone other. This came in a speech delivered by his Eminence on the celebration of the anniversary of Sayeda Zeinab (AS) in his office in Baghdad  on Wednesday, March 5, 2014.  
To Keep the Security File Away from the Electoral Influences
His Eminence stressed the necessity of keeping the security file away from the electoral and political influences, saying we will widen the consulting scope and will work according to a global security vision apart from emotions and improvisation, calling for relieving the burden of the citizens with respect to the security controls and facilitating the measures while tightening the security reserves but in a new way fighting terrorism in its nest. He explained that the citizens of Baghdad are complaining for they have been waiting for so long at the gates of Baghdad and of controls inside which encumbers the citizens amidst continuous explosions. He stated that the humbleness of the political parties is what builds the State, saying Daesh does not exist in Iraq and that Iraqis stand as one block in facing it, renewing his support for the military and the police, calling on to study the strength and weakness points of the security apparatuses.  
Al Hawra’ Zainab: A Model of Patience and Pride
His Eminence talked about Zainab (AS) whose birth is being commemorated, explaining that she started her journey at the age of five when she lost the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) and her mother Fatima Al Zahra’ (AS), and she manifested strength and equanimity and was a model of patience and pride. His Eminence quoted her sermon in the court of Yazid, stressing the need to support and defend the approach of Zainab (AS) and her project through all the religiously and legally authorized ways. He described the enemies of Zainab today as the new Umayyads with no roots, affirming that they are the “dunghill” of history and the enemies of Ahl Al Bayt (AS). His Eminence highlighted that Al Hawra’ Zainab played a media, political and social role, assuring that women’s role in the vision of Islam is to be distinct from men and ensure the distribution of roles. Sayyid Al Hakim talked in this context about the women mentioned in the Holy Quran such as Maryam (AS), Ibrahim’s wife (AS) and the wife of the Pharaoh.