The head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim, assured that the Citizen Coalition provides Iraqi voters with a clear and mature program and an ambitious vision to build Iraq and ensure the welfare of its people. He explained that the program interacts with reality, identifies mistakes and problems, provides radical solutions, originates from a comprehensive project to build the State and treats citizens as being the highest value in its plans, actions and goals. His eminence called on the Coalition members to introduce their project and position to the people, stressing that the people will defend and support the project when they know their position. He urged them also not to mind the attacks and offenses of others, describing as weak those who resort to defamation and insults, indicating that members of the Citizen Coalition are men of right, and the right is not known with its men but the men are known with the right. His eminence considered the coming elections as decisive, since Iraq is at a turning point, which prompts the Coalition to introduce its project to the people so that the latter can judge it. He called on the Coalition to be close to the people and turn desperation into will and hope, stressing that the Coalition’s duty in the coming phase is a legitimate, moral and political responsibility. Sayyid Al Hakim maintained that the slogan “Citizens Triumph” summarizes the hopes, ambitions and programs of the Citizen Coalition, pointing out that when citizens triumph, terrorism is defeated, peaceful coexistence and tolerance are deepened, corruption is eradicated, rights are restored, the development and reconstruction process starts, democracy is rooted and the project is launched.
This came in the Citizen Coalition 273 Declaration made at his eminence’s office in Baghdad on Saturday, April 5th, 2014.
The Citizen Coalition believes in a strong and just partnership, his eminence underlined. He added that the Coalition’s language is that of one who believes and trusts in its project, vision, program and men, for our project is with the citizens everywhere, and our vision and program aim to build the country and citizens. Sayyid Al Hakim assured that, during the past years, the Citizen Coalition
was working, observing, diagnosing and treating in the light a vision, approach and accumulative experience and expertise, reminding that the actions of the Martyr of the Niche members have preceded their words as they were loyal to their promise, did not compliment at the expense of their principles and paid the price of their values and constants but still are moving forward as strong as can be to achieve victory. His eminence called on the Citizen Coalition to explain their project of building the State to the people, clarifying that it is based on political work through the theory of having a competent and powerful team with a unified vision and a global administrative revolution. He pointed out that efficient participation is achieved via a strong and harmonious team in political work. Without efficient participation, positions harden, interests intersect and rights are lost. His eminence highlighted that the Citizen Coalition believes in a strong and just partnership based on the clear understanding of the State’s project, the country’s reality and the citizens’ rights, warning against the bureaucracy hindering progress if no global administrative revolution is adopted. He stated that the harmonious team and the administrative revolution are the pillars of common and mature political work, real and effective participation, modernization, change, renovation, the criteria of competence, integrity and knowledge, calling to build the new Iraq through planning, clear vision and an integrated project. He addressed members of the Coalition “With your solid will, buildings will rise. With your perseverance, we will keep moving forward, face all the challenges and resist all disasters. That is when we will achieve our ambition of instilling the concept of “the Citizens’ State”, and direct the revolution towards the people’s service, and shift power from officials to citizens”.
His Eminence declared that the country moves forward when the youngsters do, adding that Iraq expects the Citizen Coalition to enlighten the way throughout this dark tunnel and to provide a clear and mature vision that takes the country out of disturbance and improvisation. He indicated that the people expects an integrated project that achieves justice, ensures welfare, a decent home and a reasonable income for all Iraqis living in this country, assuring that the universities of Iraq are calling the Coalition to remove the dust covering them, their curricula and ideas, and to lead an educational revolution that restores pride and value to this country of knowledge and scholars. He added also that hospitals are calling on the Coalition to fill them with health and soundness, that the schools of Iraq are calling on it to rebuild them and provide a decent place for each and every Iraqi child, to fix their curricula, to develop their performance, to ensure services to their teachers and staff. His eminence mentioned also the victims of terrorism and the need to heal their wounds with material and moral care, as well as the need to eliminate terrorism in order to ensure peace and stability.  He indicated that Iraq’s youth are demanding that the Citizen Coalition provides an integrated project that takes them out of unemployment and frustration, turns them into creative and innovative capacities and grants them a new spirit that helps them move forward. His eminence stated that the country moves forward when the youngsters do, considering that the youth are the wealth of the country. He addressed Iraqi youngsters saying “We expect from you that you express your vigor and your attachment to hope and future, that you play an efficient role in choosing the future path so you can have a foothold and place where you participate not just observe, where you act, not just watch, that you invade the field of politics with power, determination and insistence. Our ambitions are achieved through you. With you, we build our modern and just State”. His eminence finally insisted on competing with honor, integrity and pride.