The head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, described the platform of the citizen’s coalition as integrated adding that it defines solutions for the country’s crises and problems. His eminence explained that the coalition has made intensive efforts to formulate it in a scientific and well-studied manner, so as to make it realistic, objective and able to advance the Iraqi situation, indicating that the platform aims to build a modern, fair and powerful State that will destroy sectarianism and purify Iraq from terrorism. His eminence pointed out that the platform seeks to build a strong national army capable of protecting the people and citizens, an army about which enemies will have a thousand apprehensions, and to develop a security system capable of defeating terrorism, improving the performance of security men and the competence of officers and increasing the level of armament. Sayyid Al Hakim insisted on the need to build a country for citizens not one for officials, clarifying that the platform will ensure decent housing and living for every family and restore hope to the Iraqi youth who are devoured by despair and frustration. He considered that youngsters are the backbone of Iraq’s advancement; without them, Iraq would not be able to understand the future. He assured that the platform is integrated as it would make cities prosper and schools and hospitals modern and sound, adding that the coalition’s platform will make government officials servants for their people and will seek to unify Iraq by having the team of a homogenous, unified-vision team. His eminence stressed that the victory of the citizens and the country depends on the unity of the people, highlighting the need to prove to our people that we will not bargain for their right to life or their right to their country and its resources, and to prove to terrorism that Iraqis are capable of defeating it and that they will destroy sectarianism and purify their cities from it.
This came during the crowded public festival held by the citizen’s coalition in Al Diwaniyah province, on Monday, April 21, 2014.
Al Diwaniyah Should Have a Hear Voice in the Coming Parliament
His eminence considered that the coming elections are a historical challenge, where the fate of the country and the future of coming generations will be determined. He called on the honorable people of Al Diwaniyah to have a voice and take a stance in the Iraqi parliament, insisting that Al Diwaniyah should be represented by those who deserve to represent its tribes, bright history and the ambitions of its youth. His eminence stressed that the province should have a heard voice in the Iraqi parliament demanding its rights, mentioning that the citizen’s coalition declaration in the provincial council elections had included the “Diwaniyah of wealth” project, which received much attention and support. Sayyid Al Hakim urged the citizens of Al Diwaniyah to wonder why the project was neglected and not defended, insisting that the deputies of Al Diwaniyah should raise their voices in defense of the rights of Al Diwaniyah and Iraq. He said the Citizen's Coalition has designed development programs for all provinces, for it believes that Iraq will not progress unless its cities and provinces are developed, and those who do not serve their province will not serve their country, and who cannot represent their province cannot represent their country or fellows, but only themselves and their personal interests. He expressed his grief for the suffering of the cities of the South and the middle Euphrates due to the neglect, the desertification, the lack of services in its hospitals, schools and universities, and the lack of nomination opportunities albeit the huge budget allocated for them, wondering who is responsible for this hard and bad condition. According to him, everyone is blamed without exception given the bad choices, the exclusion of new figures and the failure to change for the best, not to mention that officials are not punished for their mistakes and politicians are not questioned for their projects or programs. His Eminence held everyone liable because it is with emotions, not mind, that things are dealt with, which makes the manipulators exploit them, addressing to the citizens of Al Diwaniyah by saying, "this is your historical chance to save your province, present an integral project and provide your sons with a prosperous future, and it is your historical responsibility to build Iraq and prove to the world that the children of Ali (AS) can build and run Iraq, and that they reject corruption, confusion and randomness." He also maintained the Iraqi citizens recognize what Iraq needs and Al Diwaniyah citizens are aware of what their city needs to rise up, flourish and ensure its citizens a free, decent living, adding that the fair modern state is the state of honesty not corruption, competence not favoritism, planning not randomness, security and empowerment not terrorism and killing of innocent people, and that victory is achieved through the citizens' victory which results in the victory of the country.  
Al Diwaniyah Must Make Accurate, Definitive Choices
His Eminence called on Al Diwaniyah citizens to meet the call of Iraq because they are known for their bravery and pride, and ensuring the future of Al Diwaniyah is the duty of its citizens, and it is them who decide it, urging them to make accurate, definitive choices. He said the countries are built with challenge, planning, effort and generosity not with wishes, and the peoples are the ones who decide their fate, stressing that there should be no courtesy at the expense of the project and the principles, and not carelessness towards the future because Iraqis deserve a successful state, an aware, serving government, and officials who believe in the public who trusted them and will watch them and punish them, stressing the importance of explaining the electoral platform of the Citizen's Coalition to prove to the world that Iraqis can build a state, develop a people and protect a country, plan for their future, count on their youth, and put their country on the right track so that they can take pride in their country. Moreover, he underlined the importance of proving to the disadvantaged and oppressed that the Iraq of Hussein must be fair in distributing its resources among its citizens and that the decent living is the right to everyone and the services are the right of the citizens, not a donation, gift or generosity from any official.