The head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim, called upon the citizens of Al Anbar, Saladin, Diyala and Baghdad belt not to let terrorism turn their cities and provinces into emirates for killing, takfirism and terrorism in Iraq. His eminence wondered how these national regions would accept remove their jewel from the Iraqi crown and turn into emirates ruled by bats, darkness, terrorism and aberrance, insisting on supporting the rights of the citizens of Diyala, Anbar, Mosul and Saladin  and not allowing any violations of those rights. He reminded that discords and differences were never able to divide our unity, as we remained coherent, neighboring and sharing families, tribes and houses in all daily life matters. His eminence insisted on not letting narrow, sectarian and takfiri policies destroy the bonds of unity, addressing the region of Kurdistan by saying “Your fate is with Iraq. It is the fate of Iraq that we be together united in one country and to get closer to the rest of the Iraqi regions, so that you can feel their circumstances and wounds and we can heal them altogether”. Sayyid Al Hakim called to bear the cost of national affiliation and achieve successes that ensure a prosperous future for our one and unified Iraq, assuring that everyone’s agreement on Iraq’s supreme interest is a safeguard for us from separation and fighting no matter how disparate opinions are. Furthermore, his eminence indicated that dictatorship has failed to separate Iraqis, so how can a demand here or there do? Calling the close and remote neighboring countries to extend their helping hand to Iraq, for Iraq today is different from Iraq yesterday as it is the Iraq of love and peace. His eminence called on the brothers of the one doctrine to build the Iraq they have dreamed of and fought for, pointing out that “together” means the citizens, the free people, the law, the reform, the virtue and all powers seeking to protect the project. He considered that “together” means unity, not discord and conflict; it means the vision and the plan agreed on. “Together” we share not fight, we unite not separate, we differ not dispute. “Together” means gathering not exclusion. Together for a stable and prosperous Iraq, governed by law, where citizens win. His eminence clarified Iraq’s need to be “together” for the project, not for the person, to be “together” for the doctrine, religion and country, not for the party, bloc or movement, affirming that the hand of the Citizen’s bloc is extended but is not paralyzed because it supports and assists. It is for you, not against you; it does not neglect, bargain or accept subordination. Sayyid Al Hakim also stressed that the citizen’s bloc is with those who are chosen by the people, and the people’s choice is respectable.
This came during the crowded public gathering for the citizen’s bloc 273 at Baghdad, on Saturday April 26, 2014.
We Will Seek to Turn the National Alliance into an Efficient and Powerful Institution
His eminence assured that everyone is under the same roof, indicating that the citizen’s bloc will seek to turn the national alliance into an efficient and powerful institution. He insisted on not sowing discord among brothers and winning for the project and the work plan, because Iraq deserves success and integrity. His eminence stated he is confident that the one competent integrated team will be formed, tempers will be appeased, the discourse will be unified, the banner of the country will be upheld and the country and citizens will win. He called on Iraqis, members of the armed forces and Iraqis abroad to prove to the entire world that they deserve Iraq and that Iraq deserves them, saying to them that their voting will prove that Iraq is strong thanks to its people and only kneels down before its creator, vowing to all Iraqi citizens that it will always support them no matter how big the challenges are. He also called for meeting the call of the country because it deserves it, stressing the importance of forming the consistent, harmonious team who has a single vision and urging the Iraqis a conscious, wide participation in the next elections.
Baghdad Has the Right to Have a Mayor Elected from its Citizens, not Someone Selected based on the Allocation of Positions
His Eminence pointed out to "Baghdad, capital of rise and hope" project, expressing his regret that the project has not seen the light because of the narrow interests, calling on the Baghdadi citizens to choose their project so that Baghdad be a place in which its citizens deserve to live. He reminded that the project claimed a part of no more than 1.5% of the Iraqi budget to build the strategic projects for the capital, but this insignificant amount was denied to the capital of Iraq, stating that the representatives of Baghdad did not defend it, and that its citizens have an historical chance to choose 69 torches that pull Baghdad out of darkness, while being able to consider the legislations designed for Baghdad, including the law on the mayoralty of Baghdad. He explained that Baghdad has the right to have a mayor elected from its citizens, not someone selected based on the allocation of positions and its citizens have the right to form its reconstruction council, enlarge the mayoralty of Baghdad and draft a development plan for its peripheries. His Eminence underlined the need for Baghdad to take its own decisions because it does not need values, caretaker, gift or charity. According to him, the Citizen's Coalition has a project for Iraq and a plan for Baghdad and its members are the sons of Iraq and Baghdad and know what Iraq and Baghdad need. He explained that the Citizen's Coalition platform is the fruit of diligent efforts, not glittering slogans or improvised claims and the Coalition works within specialized, practical vision.
Baghdad Is not Shouting, but Lamenting and the Citizen's Coalition Is Does not Only Apologize to It, but Offers It a Program for its Rise
His Eminence showed that Baghdad suffers because of its citizens who became disunited and got separated due to their conflicts, because of its country intimidated by the division, and because of the evil terrorism which is deeply wounding it and spreading in its streets the bombs which brings death and destruction, adding that Baghdad complains about the corruption which is corroding its soul, the neglect which hurts it pride and the destruction which deforms its beauty. He expressed his regret for the fact that it is suffering too much and blames everyone with sorrow urging their zeal, describing its shouting as lamentation and considering it as the sweet mother. He maintained that now is the time for Baghdad to win, calling for its sons to say their word, because their city refuses to be the capital of a torn apart country and conflicting brothers as it refuses to surrender and counts on its citizens to achieve its victory with their violet fingers, stating that the Citizen's Coalition does not only apologize to it, but offers it an integrated program for its rise.