Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, said the security deterioration in Nineveh and some of the neighboring cities constitutes a danger to the national security and the social peace, stressing the importance taking one single position, making concerted efforts and overcoming the wounds to face terrorism, something that, according to him, requires a serious attitude from all the political, social and popular powers to counter terrorism. He said there is no place for Daesh in Iraq and they should not be only held back, but also fought until they are completely destroyed, calling for harnessing the human and material resources and well as the regional and international covers for Iraq in its battle against terrorism. Here, his Eminence praised the supportive positions of the Security Council, the European Union and the Arab League for Iraq against terrorism. He also called the national leaders for an urgent meeting to discuss the situation developments and to win in favor of Iraq and of the political process, extolling the position of the supreme religious marja who issued clear statements calling for standing in unity and supporting the security apparatuses, renewing his support for the intrepid army officers and their heroic achievements during the last ten years. He explained that the army's sacrifices cannot be forgotten or neglected, and that battles are about attacks and retreats and there will be other rounds in which all the Iraqi lands will be recovered, asking to detect the elements who were too weak to act and the useless leaders who ran away and gave up their weapons and to hold them accountable for having tarnished the reputation of the Iraqi military institution and endangering the lives of the citizens. He said shame on everyone who has given up his weapon, escaped from the battle and harmed the reputation of the military institution and the Iraqi people, warning against a constitutional vacancy within these hard conditions. Moreover he called on the electoral commission to decide on the contestations and to give final approval of the election results so that the new council of representatives can hold its session, requesting the members of the council to attend the session the next Thursday to discuss the current situation since the government needs a legal and political cover to face terrorism.
This came during the ceremony held on the occasion of the birth of Imam al-Mahdi (May Allah hasten his return) in his Eminence office in Baghdad on Wednesday, June 11, 2014.
Iraq Needs a Clear Security Strategy with an Exact Vision of the Required Remedies
His Eminence said what Iraq currently needs is a practical evaluation of the security and political situation away from justifying the failure, stressing the importance of restructuring the military institution as soon as possible and providing it with the necessary powers to fulfill its duty, as well as the importance of reconsidering the security plans that were previously adopted. He called for creating a clear security strategy with an exact vision of the required remedies for the security situation, a strategy that does not only concern the military aspect, but that also takes into account the social, developmental and economic remedies. Moreover, he stated that terrorists and Daesh members should be differed from those who have been seduced into having their requests fulfilled, explaining that those may be returned to the national line. On the other hand, he asked the Iraqi youth, popular forces and tribes to be on alert, reminding them of their courage and chivalry and their 1991 uprisings and of the need to assume their historical responsibilities in defending their country, their dignity and their sacred places. He said he will be among the first of the volunteers who will answer the call of the country and the doctrine and defend the shrines, reiterating that the popular forces, the tribes and the youth will be like Abbas (AS) in the battle and we cannot allow Daesh to violate the Iraqi land and attack the Iraqi people. His Eminence added that in coordination with the security apparatuses, the land and the regions will be defended and the public properties, the citizens' properties, the mosques and the shrines will be maintained, calling the organizations of the Martyr of the Niche movement to keep their eye on any suspected moves and to work in coordination with the security apparatuses. In addition, he warned that once the fire starts, it will burn everyone, calling on the media to assume their responsibilities in deepening the harmony and reducing the political and social tension.    
The Savior a Human Fact 
His Eminence said the birth of the awaited Imam (may Allah hasten his return) is a stop to recall the lessons and the savior is a fact, not an illusion, explaining that waiting means also expecting and getting prepared. According to him, Iraq is the center of the reformist project and the holder of the Imam's project. He also said the Imam is a divine, Islamic and confessional fact, and above all, a human fact, adding that in war times, one must take side and that the position needs a vision, a plan and men.