Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim, head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, stressed the need to unite for confronting ISIS and the terrorist organizations, to fight personal whims and put the public interest before the private one. His eminence highlighted the importance of defending the project and its independency and trusting Allah, considering that the message of Eid Al Ghadeer “the day Amir Al Mu’minin Ali (AS) was appointed Wali for the believers” is a message of construction, reform and joint responsibility towards the community. This came in his eminence’s speech delivered at his office in Baghdad, on Saturday, October 11, 2014.
   His eminence explained that the message of Al Ghadeer distinguishes between the authoritative approach and the educational approach, and that a governor is an educator and a guide. This is what Ali (AS) embodied, for governance is an adaptation of responsibility towards the nation and not a privilege; Ali was the first one to do what people demanded. His eminence pointed out that religious governance is not military but only needs taming, giving as an example the progressive prohibition of alcohol. He considered that Eid Al Ghadeer is an important phase of the divine project on earth and insisted that the incident of Al Ghadeer has undoubtedly been interpreted in different and disputed ways by some without being however denied. His eminence explained that the messenger of Allah (pbuh) chose the region of Ghadeer in this burning heat in order to get the message to everyone as a compensation for the lack of media tools at the time. Sayyid Ammar Al Hakim clarified that wilaya means the position and the rank that Allah granted the prophet and the guardian of the messenger of Allah, indicating that wilaya is the definition of human traits and their reformulation in the context that Allah, His prophet and His wali want. His eminence underlined the importance turning the wilaya from a motto into feelings and then into a reality we live and feel, considering that going back to Islam and the Quran is the biggest challenge that Muslims face.