Sayyid Ammar al-Hakim, Head of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq, talked of the judicious historical relations between the Kurds and the other components of the Iraqi people, their communication with the citizens of the South and the common fight against the buried Baathist regime, underlining the strong coalition which was reinforced between the Kurds and their Arab brothers following the fall of the past regime and which has contributed to the achievement of the mission's goals and has played an important role in overcoming the crisis and in the subsequent political transformations.
This came during a meeting held between his Eminence on Sunday, November 16, 2014, at his office in Baghdad and the Iraqi deputy Speaker of Parliament, Mr. Aram Sheikh Mohammed and the head of the parliamentary list of the Movement for Change, Mr.  Hoshyar Abdullah as well as members of the movement. His Eminence said the Kurdish Movement for Change has effectively contributed to a political equilibrium and to new blood being injected in the political arena of the Iraqi Kurdistan.
For his part, the deputy Speaker of Parliament praised the historical relations between the Kurds and al-Hakim family known for its long standing struggle and fight against dictatorship and exclusivity in power, commending the role of the Islamic Supreme Council in consolidating the peaceful coexistence between the components of the Iraqi people. In his opinion, the Council has become an important and effective element of rapprochement between the different political movements and elites.
Both sides also discussed during the meeting the security crisis the country is going through and the security consequences as well as the crisis of the displaced people, not to mention its role in uniting the Iraqi people against terrorism and extremism.
They also agreed to make concerted efforts so that the different viewpoints of the political parties can converge amidst these exceptional conditions and the big challenges facing the future of the country, hoping that the serious relations between the Supreme Council and the Movement can yield to better serve the interests of all the Iraqi people,  advance the political process and support the project of building of the country and the citizens.